Saturday, February 16, 2013

Why I Write Every Day

In the past I told myself that the writing was only for the sake of building a living breathing resume. A brand.

That's not really true. You can do a lot to build a personal brand that's easier and faster than a blog.

Plus the blog is often not connected to a professional lesson. I'm never sure where it comes from. Like a rock bouncing down a mountain the words sort of hit me in the head first, then are filtered through my heart. Boom, boom, boom. It hits the page.

Why take the time out of everything else in life that is fun, and potentially useful? It's not like there are millions of comments, or a big book deal waiting at the end of the line.

One answer, I think, comes down to control. Often it's like you're just walking down the street and life just gets you. Like a mugger who hits you in the head and takes your purse - you're simply helpless. Gasping for a breath.

Powerlessness is the moment of sitting there on the sidewalk, stunned.

Empowerment is shifting from the posture of defeat to to the mode of observation, then action.

You step outside your heaving body and take a good long look. Why were you hit in the first place? Were you distracted by the iPhone and the mugger caught you unawares? Did you take a bad turn at night down an isolated street?

This is not to suggest that blogging is an exercise in self-blame or a way to gain a false sense of control. It is to say that once you observe and document an experience, you give yourself a chance to learn.

In learning mode, mistakes become part of a bigger picture. The context is your journey in life from being less enlightened to more. The pain you experience at any moment in time is not only unavoidable. It's critical to growing as a human being.

So you write your life, or document it in pictures or music or any method you choose. What happens to all that?

Some people are more reserved - they put those lessons in a box in the drawer.

Others, like me and a lot of people - choose to post online, or publish a book. For a lot of reasons.
  • It keeps me honest. Self-deception is very obvious in a blog.
  • It helps to turn difficult experiences into a story with a meaningful lesson.
  • I gain strength from seeing that effort is worth the result in the long-term.
  • I feel like I'm helping other people and more broadly the community to accomplish positive change.
  • Though a little laborious, it does build a consistent personal brand - which is important professionally.
But the most important thing of all is really none of these. Writing helps me to convince myself, more than anyone else, that there is some sort of master plan. The insights that seem to come from nowhere - I believe that they are a gift from G-d and I've been blessed enough to share them.

If you have the impulse to express yourself, I hope that you take it that way too.

Trust in the Universe, trust in your gift, go forth and share it.