Monday, February 11, 2013

Gaming Authenticity

There is really no way to communicate well other than to say things that matter.

The truth.

But that doesn't stop people from trying.

The way to tell truly authentic people from gamers is that relevant honesty stings.

When you ask someone, "How did I do?" and they say "Actually, not so well, and here's why" and it's accurate - that is valuable feedback. But it hurts, too.

People who step up to leadership roles - be they formal or in the community - are required to say uncomfortable things.

That is the essence of leadership: corrective vision, phrased as an actionable path.

People in leadership roles who talk, but say nothing, are just fakers. The market does not have much room for them, and even that gap is shrinking.

Say something of value, that is true - even true for you. Or don't say anything at all.