Friday, February 15, 2013

5 Misperceptions About Internal Communications In The Federal Government

1. That executives don't care - yes, they do, it is a top priority, so much so that there is perhaps too much fear of getting it wrong. When a method works executives are very consistent with it.

2. That executives won't talk - they will, but official communication is closely coordinated internally and externally and at all levels, for accuracy and consistency. They are very focused on getting it right.

3. That writers are devalued - the opposite is true, very good writers are highly valued and kept close.

4. That there is fear of negative feedback - it's not a fear, it's more like a desire for positivity and a solution orientation amid all the sniping, griping or silence.

5. That metrics are ignored in favor of subjective judgment - close attention is paid to whatever metrics are rigorous and available.

* All opinions my own.