Saturday, February 2, 2013

10 Things I Would Do As "CEO" For A Day

Sometimes it's fun to do a thought exercise where you're in charge. Here's the result of mine. It focuses on government. (What would you do if you were instantly made leader of the place where you work?)
1) Stand up an Office of Human Capital to absorb HR, Training, Workforce Effectiveness, Organizational Development. Mandate 360s. Post results in the aggregate, internally.
2) Crowdsource a 360 of the Agency by any interested party - what functions are inherently Agency, which can be accomplished through shared services (interagency), which should be contracted out. Post the results publicly.
3) Stand up an Office of Citizen Engagement to absorb all communication, open data and data release functions.
4) Eliminate any "administrative" category of work as a catchall and replace it with specific functions - customer service, project management, knowledge management, etc. Retrain existing administrative assistants to perform these functions.
5) Implement Google Apps or a similar cloud-based work solution that easily enables secure work anywhere, anytime.
6) Stand up an Office of Employee Mobility to enable telework, virtual collaboration, use of mobile devices.
7) Stand up a separate Office of Internal Communication to enable two-way feedback between Agency and employee. Staff it, fund it, etc.
8) Stand up an Office of Alternative Dispute Resolution to help deal with workplace conflict before it escalates into time-consuming formal complaints, litigation, etc.
9) Stand up an Office of Public-Private Partnerships to bring in the private sector, academia and government-watching organizations that can help the Agency function more optimally.
10) Implement a powerful electronic customer service helpdesk solution to handle inquiries internally and externally. It should include chat, text, email, and telephone support. It should guide people to parts of the website that can answer inquiries.
The above 10 steps would go a long way to optimizing the functions of the agency and retaining talented people who want to be a part of the solution to the problems that currently exist.
Note: Of course, all opinions are my own and every Agency varies.