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"I Am Woman, Hear Me Roar"

Niceness is a curse. You can be a nice person -- you can treat other people nicely -- but never fall into the trap where you **need** other people to call you that.

When men are powerful, decisive and stand their ground, they are "strong."

When women do exactly the same thing --and somebody disagrees with them or wants to take away their power -- get ready for the "B" word.

I used to be afraid to be called a "B." But one day I realized - "B's" have more fun. We get things done. We laugh loudly. We swing our arms with joy.

We don't need to always look pretty and shiny and sweet.

Some people take the "B" thing too far. But my thing is, who am I to tell them so? Liberation means you can do what you want - and be judged equally to a man when you act badly.

Not all "B" words violate the rule of politeness. It also stands for "barracuda." I am proudly one of those.

One day I hope that all women wake up and embrace our inner "B" word. If we did, I think we'd be a much happier, less repressed, and less passive-aggressive group.