Sunday, August 5, 2012

5 TV Brand Predictions for the Coming Year

I don't have any inside information to inform these, nor do I have an interest one way or the other in the outcome. Venture capitalists, wake up.

1. Reality TV turns to alter egos: The Kardashian saga will evolve as Bruce Jenner gets a co-host role on a daytime talk show, successfully. (We are sick of Kris Jenner and she should not do one.) E! to lose money on the final couple of years of the Kardashians reality TV show.

2. Cable TV/streaming home video cross-promotion: To do well, cable TV shows must work with Netflix, Crackle, and other simple home-video streaming services facilitated by Roku, Apple TV, etc. to get prime billing.

3. We are entering the era of Gen X TV. This means sappy network TV shows are on the downswing. On the other hand, cable TV shows - particularly intense, dramatic, reality-driven Gen X-oriented shows with a survival/independence element - will do well (Hell's Angels, Sons of Anarchy.) So will late '70s/early '80s nostalgia shows like The Brady Bunch remake by Vince Vaughn.

4. TV networks will more actively pair with YouTube to recruit and commercialize self-styled YouTube stars, like Jenna Marbles. The vision of "Step Up" revolution becomes real as young people actively shape their own television presence from a young age. Income from mandatory ads upfront plus product placement.

5. Homeschoolers will benefit from the marrying of TV and educational content - commercializing the Khan Academy concept by adding branded content (e.g. "world-class," TED-level instructors). This trend will be boosted by the "World's First Online Ivy League University" The Minerva Project, opening 2014, which will succeed and open the door for virtual high school to go mainstream.