Sunday, July 29, 2012

Occupy Chesapeake Beach

Surprised they didn't bring a stove.

Very seriously you can do marketing research by watching what people do when they hit a blank strip of beach:

1. Some people show up fully stocked, as if they were literally moving in. Reminds me of how we used to see the cars of city-ites fleeing to Bear Mountain in the summer with their homemade hammocks, boom-boxes, cookout gear, cookers, chairs, and even mattresses (!)

2. Others bring a pet and play catch and retrieve in and out of the water. The pet runs free and it frees them.

3. Some search for seashells very intently even when there are very few good finds to be had.

4. Some seem to do mini-science projects like looking for jellyfish and picking them up on sticks. (Yes!)

5. Finally there are those who tap away at their smartphones, take photos and videos, write blog posts and take care of phone calls. Generally these types being a small folding chair, not for relaxing but to keep the sand away from the phone. I can't imagine who would be as workaholic as that :-)