Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Nicolas Cage: Actor, Meme

My daughter showed me the picture above and at first I didn't get it. Of course the orange juice machine is not a toaster. Then I saw the little comic on the upper right - "You Don't Say?" - and I realized that it was sarcastic.

Looked up "You Don't Say" on YouTube and this video popped up with 1,627,393 views. It's a seen from the movie "Vampire's Kiss" with Nicolas Cage.

There isn't one mention of the words "You Don't Say" in the video but I'm starting to get it...the whole meme thing is sarcasm, making fun of popular culture, things we've said again and again. And anonymity - in meme culture I have never once seen an author.

It's meta-commentary, post-branding, reflexivity, fun.


Want more information? Here's another video, "The Origins Of Meme," with 2,251,585 views.

Even if you've never heard of a meme before, time to get on the communication bandwagon. Start with pronouncing "meme" right - here's a short tutorial on that. To make your own, visit www.memegenerator.net.