Thursday, July 12, 2012

Joel Osteen's Brand of Prosperity

If you watch Joel Osteen for any length of time - video broadcasts always available here, for free - it immediately becomes clear that most people thinking all wrong about the economic recovery.

Rather than going to a political extreme - of total redistribution, or total fight-it-out-to-the-death - we should be thinking of ways to leverage our collective brains.

Together we can create prosperity, not just subsistence, for all.

We forget that G-d is in charge. The same One that created the world and powers it every day, can give us unbelievable wealth or unbelievable poverty. It is only on us to try.

Osteen's message is right on. He says, basically that G-d wants us to do everything we can, and then pray - holding the Divine one accountable. We need to say, "We've done everything we can, and now it's Your turn."

The Jewish people in the desert, thousands of years ago, had to wait for and believe in G-d to give them their food (manna) every single day. We have to have the same faith. But we can't just wait around - it starts with doing our part.

Osteen's brand of prosperity is one that resonates with me, and everyone I speak to, no matter what brand of faith you believe in.