Sunday, July 29, 2012

A Meditation On Angelina Jolie

Having just watched an esoteric Angelina Jolie-Antonio Banderas movie on Netflix I am disturbed. I don't like what Angelina stands for, at least as I conceive it. And yet I am compelled to watch her be that persona.

We had a discussion about our mission at work the other day. What struck me was how uncomfortable people are at being reduced to one simple sentence. And yet they crave that simplicity in the abstract. We strive to reduce other people to categories so that we can comprehend them.

Angelina Jolie a a persona, or brand, is a very simple idea. Maybe it's "dangerous woman." But the movie on Netflix, like all her work, shows that she's a lot more complicated.

I am still mad at her for breaking up Brad and Jennifer just because she could do it, and he was willing to go with her. But then I don't really know the true story, do I? Only what's made up in my head, of the stories other people tell who may or may not know anything.

Brands like Angelina are valuable because they leave us a little unsettled.

Like Mick Jagger may have said (paraphrase, gossip magazine, source?), referring to her,

"Angelina scares me, and I like that."

Me too.