Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Marketing To Your Toughest Customer: Yourself

(78/365) Looking for myself
Photo by Sarah G. via Flickr

How is it that even ideas we know to be true, we cannot somehow accept?

For example:

- We know that working efficiently for one hour is more valuable than working inefficiently for eight. Yet we resist change.

- We know that all people are created equal in the eyes of G-d. Yet we discriminate based on class, gender, religion, race, age.

- We know that relationships matter more than money and career but flip our priorities regularly.

There is one key reason why some people can adopt a new and better idea while others can't.

It's called social influence.

If you want to change your habits, beliefs, life - you have got to change the people you hang out with. Or at least expand the circle to include folks you admire.

Good luck!