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Excerpt: "An Open Letter To The Beit Shemesh Spitter"

This letter is a response from Aish HaTorah, a Jewish outreach organization, to a hateful lunatic who doesn't know the first thing about God, or Judaism.

"How dare you spit on an 8-year-old schoolgirl and terrorize her as she walks to school? I don't care what she's wearing; spitting, verbal abuse, and threats of violence cannot be tolerated. How dare you call yourself a Hareidi, God-fearing Jew? Your despicable actions are diametrically opposed to Judaism. You are a thug and a hooligan whose conduct, in the words of the statement from Agudath Israel of America "is beyond the bounds of decent, moral – Jewish! – behavior."

Extremists in religious garb are not religious. People who live, speak, walk, talk and breathe compassion and fairness are the ones I follow, no matter what they call themselves.

Read the full letter here: