Sunday, August 14, 2011

25 Signs of a Successful Personal Brand

I saw this license plate today and just had to jot this down. Clearly this person, whoever they are, is moved with admiration for the President (and the school that the First Family attends). Whatever your politics, it says a lot that someone would go so far as to brand themselves this way. To me it means that this person celebrates positivity and achievement - and wants to go beyond their own limits as well.

Anyway, most of what's on this list is common sense; I'm just reiterating what you'd find in any typical book. The key, I think, is to look for people who do more than just a few of these things - they are superachievers who go beyond the 80% mark (20 out of the 25). They’re the ones you want to emulate because they've figured out how to synergize.

So. You can tell someone is a successful personal brand when:
1. They are extremely organized.
2. They drink plain water and exercise too.
3. They never pay retail.
4. They make friends wherever they go.
5. They dress with intent.
6. They admit their weaknesses.
7. They know what they don’t know, and educate themselves constantly.
8. They admire and copy the success habits of others.
9. They let themselves fail, but never fail the same way twice.
10. They don’t make excuses.
11. They have a conscience, but avoid judging others.
12. They are transparent, but they have discretion.
13. They focus on what they do well and hire others to do the rest.
14. They read the news.
15. They ask open-ended questions.
16. They know how to laugh.
17. They avoid extremes.
18. They are emotionally present.
19. They never give up on themselves, but they know when it’s time to move on.
20. They believe in G-d, a higher power, karma – a force behind the universe.
21. They prepare for disaster.
22. They think positively, but not unrealistically.
23. They are capable of change when change is needed.
24. They have beliefs, but aren’t hobbled by ideology.
25. They genuinely care, and they do things to make a positive difference.
Have a good day everyone, and good luck!