Saturday, July 30, 2011

Angry About The Debt Crisis? Blame Yourself.


"I am Generation X and nothing can shock me." 

Yeah, right.

Every time I turn on the TV and see that we're still stuck in "debt crisis" mode, with the clock ticking away on August 2nd, I get shockable again.

How did we get to this ridiculous place? I thought we had a lot of people in charge of the money stuff. Why are we seeing this constant fighting, finger-pointing, bravado talk when failure to reach compromise means we all go down the tank?

It is so very fashionable to fan the flames with...yet more blame!

Here is a radical suggestion: Let's solve the crisis ourselves. 

Deepak Chopra suggests, "You have the ability to solve problems and resolve conflict not simply by thinking creatively but by becoming creativity itself."

We, each individually and together, must become creativity itself in order to face and overcome this crisis. Only when we accept responsibility for the situation and take it on ourselves to fix it, even in the smallest way, then and only then will G-d step in and lift us out of the darkness.

My religious training emphasized the connection between spiritual and physical. The world is created and sustained on the spiritual plane - only the outcomes are seen here in the physical.

Following on that, when we behave in a spiritually sick way - being hateful to others - we experience the result of that action. Hate leads to the experience of being hated. Connecting with others becomes impossible and nothing can progress. Voila! The debt crisis.

Conversely, we can experience healing and reward: "When we rectify our ability to acknowledge and thank G-d for everything that we have, to relate to (G-d) above logic and reason, and submission, we will then be healed from the illness of exile and will be able to experience our return to health and redemption."

Are you hateful to other people? Stop it.

Are you helpful when asked? Start being helpful.

Do you look for ways to solve other people's problems? Do it.

Are you organizing into groups aimed at helping people survive physically, emotionally, spiritually the crisis we are in and the even worse crisis that may be coming? Start now.

It doesn't matter how we got here except that we have got to stop blaming other parties for the situation. Blame is just another word for hatred.

I think we should forget about party labels too, while we're at it. When you're in as deep of a hole as we're in right now, what really is the difference? A sinking boat sinks all parties.

Fortunately we are still living in abundance, and there are so many resources that each of us has at our disposal. Let us put all of our energy into healing ourselves, each other, our planet right now, and stop carping on the mistakes that came before.

If our leaders are hateful to each other, it's because we've told them to be through our votes and through our rhetoric as private citizens. Let's reverse the dynamic and "be creativity ourselves," showing them that love is the way out of this crisis, not hate.

In the end the leaders will copy the followers, and we will have what all of us wanted all along - some solutions. (And then they can take credit for it, which is fine!)

Have a good day everyone, and good luck!


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