Thursday, March 24, 2011

10 Reasons Why Communicators Avoid Technology

A lot of the time we run the other way, even if technology can make our lives easier and better.

Here's why:

  1. Comfort with the traditional way of doing things
  2. Fear of loss of power to those who are better informed
  3. Fear of losing status if the technology doesn't work out well
  4. Perception that it’s a “waste of time” or “we tried that before and it failed”
  5. Mistrust of solutions that depend on sharing information with others
  6. Benefit not clear (because most technologists have trouble marketing their solutions)
  7. High cost - perceived or actual
  8. Hassle to use - perceived or actual
  9. Stubborn resistance - due to bureaucracy, culture, or scared people (see above)
  10. Shortsightedness - refusal to fund training or technologies that don't solve an immediate problem

With all this stuff going on, is it any wonder we wait for a crisis to change? I totally sympathize.

Nevertheless, if you are a communicator who is avoiding technology, do a 180 as fast as you can. Technology is here to stay - and those who ignore it are ignoring an asteroid that has already hit.