Some Trends in Social Media Use Today - And How We Can Use Them To Communicate Better

1. Blogs are not a primary social media outreach tool for “regular people”

* Only about 1 out of 5 Americans (22%) read blogs “several times a month or more”

* More than half of Americans “never” read blogs that discuss “politics” and only 23% do so “several times a year”


2. When people want to buy something, they go to the website first and face-to-face second (official representative of company, or not) – so all channels of communication matter

* 36% - website

* 22% - face to face with company representative/salesperson

* 21% - face to face with someone not representing the company

* 19% - print advertising

* 19% - independent website with reviews

* 16% - phone call to company

* 4% - social networking site


3. News is social

* 72% of Americans follow the news as a source of conversation

* 50% rely to some extent on “people around them” to tell them news “they need to know”

* 37% of internet users have “contributed to the creation of news, commented…or disseminated it via postings on social media sites like Facebook or Twitter”


4. Social media is pervasive, even addictive  

* 1 in 3 Americans use social media regularly - 110 million people, or 36%

* 24% of employees use social media at work today, up from 19% in 2008

* Social media users are getting older – median age of Facebook users is 33; Twitter, 31; LinkedIn, 39

* Primary uses of social media include “fun” and connecting with “family and friends”; career networking is a distant second


5. Facebook is the most important social network in the country; MySpace and LinkedIn are underleveraged government communications tools

* 75% say Facebook is their most valuable network; 65% say MySpace; 30% LinkedIn; 12% Twitter

* 19% of Internet users now use Twitter, up from 11% a year ago (this from is a different study than the one above)

* 34% of women age 18-34 check Facebook first thing when they wake up in the morning - even before they brush their teeth




1. Social media use linking to


2. Information-gathering habits


3. Facebook use


4. Blog use

5. Twitter use

6. News is social







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