Tuesday, November 2, 2010

5 Products The Kardashian Brand Can Endorse

In the beginning I had no clue why anyone would watch "Keeping Up With The Kardashians." Now, I'm absolutely hooked to this show. It is a must-watch, and I hate most TV.

One could analyze why this is about a million ways to Sunday - given my demographics, psychographics, whatever.

The bottom line, though, is that anytime a consumer is strongly drawn to a popular culture phenomenon, that is an opportunity to sell them things. Especially, branded things. Because by and large, whatever it is you're watching on TV isn't a basic and generic need, but rather an escapist one. And escapist brands are ripe for charging a brand premium.

Right now I am aware that the Kardashians push at least two brands: QuickTrim diet pills and a clothing boutique called Dash.

To me these are both total loser propositions.

  • QuickTrim has a very generic-sounding name and like all quick-fix diet pills, seems like a scam - unless you're the type of person who is desperate, or willing to believe anything. It's about on the level of "burger sliders," "mini-chop blenders," and a lot of the other stuff they promote on late-night TV. So it cheapens the Kardashian name.
  • Dash is another impossible brand. Kourtney, who is most identified with this brand, doesn't have any special sense of style. They all pretty much dress the same. She's not passionate about it - in fact seems pnever there - and when she was there, in Miami, the store ended up very run down. Last season the TV audience saw her horrified face as she came back from a trip to find that her associates had to clean human waste from the wall of a dressing room. Triple uch.

Thinking about it I see at least 5 possibilities where the Kardashians could earn quite a bit by simply endorsing a product with their name:

  1. Nightclubs - as they are very much about experiencing life, enjoying life, having fun, etc.
  2. Luxury homes and home furnishings - as half the show is about watching them go from one family member's luxurious home to another.
  3. Baby clothing and accessories - as there is a frequent focus on Baby Mason. Last night it was all about his hat.
  4. New York and Miami - each one a place-brand. They could partner with the tourism boards of each of these cities to bring visitors in as the family has made these cities look glamorous and fun.
  5. Romance novels - the mother seems to tag along with the girls and complains that her husband isn't as exciting as she would like - she would be perfect to endorse "beach reading" for other women who feel similarly.
In the end, it's great to build a brand, but once you build it, you have to know what you can do with it. The Kardashians, like everyone, would do well to take advantage of their "15 minutes" of fame to endorse things that will bring in the most money.