Monday, November 8, 2010

10 Reasons Why Branding Unites Americans More Than Anything

Branding brings Americans together like no religion, political party,
or social movement can.

Think about it – as a rule:

1.     Brands are a necessity of life – we need to know what products
are best for us, and which are trustworthy

2.     Brands are available to everyone – no matter how rich or poor
you are, and no matter what your cultural background

3.     Brands provide a marker of achievement as you move up the
socio-economic ladder

4.     Brands are simple and therefore satisfying to talk about, while
issues are complicated

5.     Brands provide a common reference point in a global, diverse world

6.     Brands enable you to construct your own identity rather than
accept tradition

7.     Brands help you understand the identity of others

8.     Brands offer a way to transcend traditional affiliations and
talk a common language

9.     Brands are always changing and evolving, so they offer
something interesting and non-controversial to talk about

10.  Brands fulfills people's spiritual needs, as they purposely
consume products from ethical companies and even form communities with
others who consume the same products

In short, brands fulfill our material need for survival; our social
need for connection and status; and even our need for spirituality.

So shopping is more than just a trivial exercise – it's one of the
most important things that we do in contemporary society. The way we
shop, the why of shopping, and the social interactions around it are
worthy of being taken seriously by anyone who wants to understand more
than just how marketing works.