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Branding As A Force for Good

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Lately I’ve been kind of critical of branding, pointing to some of the evils it supports, like:The tendency to treat other human beings as objects to be exploited for our own gratificationThe tendency to cut costs in unethical ways while profiting from an image of superior qualityWe could add many more things to this list, no doubt.But amid all the furor about how “brands are bad for you,” I think one thing is getting lost: brands are created to fulfill a few needs that are very, very important and very human. Without brands our world would be a lesser place.Here are some examples of what I’m talking about.First, at the most basic level, brands make decent-quality products available to masses of people at an affordable cost. McDonald’s has the dollar menu. Bounty paper towels come in a more affordable version. Coca-Cola refreshes consumers in rich and poor countries alike.Wal-Mart really doe…