Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Miscellaneous Tweetlike thoughts after attending an employee engagement conference

  • Military in the lead of branding/social media - what are they doing right?
  • Marketers need to become technologists and evangelists for technology (and vice versa) - because marketing/branding and technology increasingly go hand in hand
  • Related -- tech for tech sake still prevalent - leaves the user clueless - much more marketing + organizational development insight needed here
  • Generational differences - boomer, x, y - impact technology adoption -younger must teach older
  • Too much focus on macro adoption of technology - need focus on micro level to get to what works at broader level
  • Issue of when to adopt technology hasn't gone away - can't be first in, can't be too late either
  • Remember the user perspective - why should I learn this?
  • Training vastly underestimated in terms of importance
  • Training should go hand in hand with customization for user - make it work the way user needs it to
  • What is the strategic goal? We don't ask that enough (in any context)
  • Role of email in social media world - is it dying with everything else replacing it? (e.g. Tweets, wikis...)
  • Don't get addicted to any one technology - just use whatever works
  • Remember that tech is ever changing but users need some stability - need to find balance between the two
  • Stupidest thing to say to a user is something that makes them feel stupid - "its so easy" "anyone can do it"
  • Remember that minority of users create majority of content - just b/c a lot of content doesn't mean it's mainstream
  • Accountability function of electronic media - not compelling to everyone to say the least...don't use it as a selling feature to the user!!!