Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Miscellaneous Tweetlike thoughts after attending an employee engagement conference

  • Military in the lead of branding/social media - what are they doing right?
  • Marketers need to become technologists and evangelists for technology (and vice versa) - because marketing/branding and technology increasingly go hand in hand
  • Related -- tech for tech sake still prevalent - leaves the user clueless - much more marketing + organizational development insight needed here
  • Generational differences - boomer, x, y - impact technology adoption -younger must teach older
  • Too much focus on macro adoption of technology - need focus on micro level to get to what works at broader level
  • Issue of when to adopt technology hasn't gone away - can't be first in, can't be too late either
  • Remember the user perspective - why should I learn this?
  • Training vastly underestimated in terms of importance
  • Training should go hand in hand with customization for user - make it work the way user needs it to
  • What is the strategic goal? We don't ask that enough (in any context)
  • Role of email in social media world - is it dying with everything else replacing it? (e.g. Tweets, wikis...)
  • Don't get addicted to any one technology - just use whatever works
  • Remember that tech is ever changing but users need some stability - need to find balance between the two
  • Stupidest thing to say to a user is something that makes them feel stupid - "its so easy" "anyone can do it"
  • Remember that minority of users create majority of content - just b/c a lot of content doesn't mean it's mainstream
  • Accountability function of electronic media - not compelling to everyone to say the least...don't use it as a selling feature to the user!!!

Templates, automation, and branding

Related to templates, which have obvious implications for branding, is
automation. Idea here is
- automate repetitive tasks through technology
- teach people to use the tools
- free them up to do more important work

Branding is something that should be done in the bckground not something
that should be discussed, debated, and reinvented and reinterpreted
endlessly until it loses its impact and weastes people's time. Templates
and automation help achieve that.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

What I'm learning lately

Branding is king but its a subset of marketing. You are always trying to
sell something. Never forget that and try to build a Coca-Cola image for
its own glorious sake.

Also technical execution is critical. You can have great ideas and great
plans but the Powerpoint guru wins. Or in branding, the good template
that is comprehensive and usable.

Finally there is focus. You cannot do it all at once. Pick a few areas
to focus on and fight fires only 25% of the time.

(Of course all of this is subject to conflict, change, and debate.)

I'm going to start making more general observations here as its all
relevant to Total Branding in the end.