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10 Stunningly Accurate Predictions by the Late World-Renowned Psychic Sylvia Browne

Prophecy: What The Future Holds For You, by Sylvia Browne, was published in 2005 - about 15 years ago and well before any of the current, cold civil war. (She passed away in 2013).

Browne actually predicted that 2016 would be the last election - of a President.

But her predictions went a lot further than that, and because they are so on-point, they may actually help us to gain some valuable perspective - to help navigate the turbulent times we are currently living through.
Prediction #1: A Cold Civil War"Until around...2020, the political structure in the U.S. will remain as it is now, with the Democrats, the Republicans, independent parties and various other splinter groups vying for majority control of our 3 current branches of government (executive, judicial & legislative). Between now and then, we're in for a difficult, disruptive era in our nation's history. The long-term effect will be a positive one, that's a guarantee. We'll just find ourselves needing …

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