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More Khashoggi Questions (10/23/2018)

Questions about the “body double”—

1. Why wait until 10/20 to release that info? If the cover story was that Khashoggi left, why not say so by 10/6 or so?

2. Why is the footage selective?

3. The 2 men don’t look alike. The shoes don’t match.

About the supposed Saudi “coverup”—

1. Are the Saudis so incompetent their body doubles wear mismatched shoes?

2. Are they so incompetent they kill in broad daylight?

3. They couldn’t have gotten to him in the US????

What about the timeline leading up to Khashoggi’s disappearance?

9/28 - Saudi consulate visit #1

9/29 - London conference - on camera

10/1 - BBC NewsHour interview

10/2 - Back in Istanbul

That’s some fast airplane!

More questions—

1. MBS knows him - called him “Jamal” to Bloomberg on October 6. He didn’t react like Khashoggi was an enemy.

2. Why aren’t any other suspects or plots being considered? All of a sudden we trust Turkey?

3. He is friend of the terrorist Muslim Brotherhood. Not a hero.

Finally, this morning 10/23/18–

“.@BouchardButch “Several …

Jamal Khashoggi Is Very Much Alive and Well and In A Video By The Hill

Introduction American media outlets are reporting on the apparent disappearance of Jamal Khashoggi, a Saudi national who allegedly disappeared from the country's consulate in Istanbul, Turkey on October 2, 2018 and has not been seen since. This post is a review of some of the direct evidence in this case.
ChronologyFriday, September 28, 2018 BBC reported: "He first visited the Saudi consulate in Istanbul on 28 September to obtain a document certifying that he had divorced his ex-wife, so that he could marry his Turkish fiancée."

Later, on October 19, VICE News interviewed a friend of Khashoggi who said that the Turkish staff at the consulate was told to take several days off in advance of his return. Saturday, September 29 One day after visiting the consulate, Khashoggi was speaking in England at "Oslo at 25: A Legacy of Broken Promises," an event sponsored by Middle East Monitor.  (Screenshot is from the video posted online at the event website.) The event ran…

Why Can’t You Feel The Customer’s Pain?

Today I had to deal with a few customer service representatives, at different levels, regarding a variety of matters. These are the people you might call, too. They work in large companies and small offices. They have ID numbers or they go by their first name only. And they’re located in the United States and overseas.

A consistent theme ran through all these interactions: They were miserable. I never want to repeat any of them again.

This sorry state of affairs seems deeply unnecessary, especially when you consider the wide range of readily available tools out there to anticipate and respond to customers’ needs. For example:
Marketing research: Immersive, ethnographic techniques, combined with large-scale surveys and other forms of data mining, allow us to know exactly who our customers are, and exactly what their experience is like when they work with us.Website and mobile app design: Standing up a responsive, customer-centric website and an associate app are fairly straightforward …