The Only Binary That Matters

Political parties are a thing of the past.

Already we are “gender-fluid,” right?

“I think I will name my child...Brie.”

“Oh, how beautiful.”

“Yes, I love that kind of cheese.”

If you have been to an American college for any length of time you have already been taught that the most fundamental aspect of life, meaning reality itself, is basically fluid. 

“You have your truth and I have mine.”

Race is fluid, partly because people physically couple with those who look different, and partly (I would argue primarily) because race is fundamentally a social construction.

Are Jewish people White?

More and more, people are coming to reject the binary definitions we have grown used to in the past and embracing “50 shades of gray” when it comes to just about everything.

There is an old saying: “Two Jews, three synagogues.”

As a Jew I am familiar with the frequent debates we have over right behavior and the consequent difficulty in establishing binary distinctions.

Even though in Jewish law there are clear distinctions between what is allowed and what is not, the rabbis have a lot of leeway either way, based on communal customs and the changing social definitions of what is “acceptable” and what’s not.

So it is thoroughly possible to assemble an auditorium of Jewish people and even though the group is technically Jewish, the variations in appearance & tradition & language and culture and observance make it almost impossible to nail down exactly what a “typical Jew” is like.

The fact that Jews are forever questioning and forever debating and forever at odds with each other, combined with the odd relationship between our faith and the surrounding cultures we’ve lived in, plus endless persecution...lends itself to observing society from the outside.

As a sociologist I also see that American political groups have disintegrated in terms of having clear defining boundaries.

I don’t believe most people know the difference between Republican and Democrat or liberal and conservative at all. Because there isn’t one.

The only real difference that exists anymore, in my mind, is the moral filter that lives in the mind of the voter.

That mortal filter is dependent on two things.

#1 is there a person I believe in strongly (a candidate)

#2 is the information I get from trusted sources guiding me to a particular set of operating beliefs.

#1 and #2 guide people to fall in love regardless of race, class, gender, or any other identifying characteristic because people today are atomistic (a “category of one”) and independent minded. They (we) are not sheep, not at all.

#1 and #2 also determine how you vote and party affiliation means nothing.

The reason why President Trump is so popular, both overtly and covertly (meaning many people still can’t admit for social reasons that they support him) is because he is genuinely a #Patriot and the real news about him conforms w a set of operating norms people agree with.

You see we don’t need @realDonaldTrump @POTUS to be a perfect human being. Not at all. 

Far from it.

What we need, right now, is a leader who is on our side (who also genuinely cares about the welfare of the world), who can accurately diagnose the problems that face us, who has a good answer, who is willing to take bold and swift action, and who knows how to destroy swamp.

I had this discussion with my friend the other day.

She’s like, I hate Trump, I hate how he demeans women, I hate how he lies.

And I said, I get it but he has to mislead the killers who are totally out of control and who were well on their way to completely destroying our country. TRAITORS.

Believe me I know how you feel and this isn’t an optimal way for a democracy to run but do you really believe he ever wanted to subject himself and his family to this job in the first place?

I don’t!

There are times in a Nation’s history when things are so bad, so incredibly and dangerously bad, that even the most virulently squabbling bunch have to unite around one flawed leader, pick up their pens and their swords, and fight a common enemy together.

Though most of us, myself included, will never understand exactly how bad things were getting, I think we perceive enough.

And that is why, for the past two years, this former brainwashed Obam and Hillary supporter has slowly and gradually shed her fear of coming out as an anti-swamp activist. 

There is no other choice.

I am grateful to all the good people out there who have inspired me with their honesty, their patriotism and their total belief in God.

I have learned that God speaks through sinners and He works through platforms reviled by the elite as “beneath them”—like Twitter.

I truly do believe tomorrow will be better than today if we look into the soul of the matter and find God’s light.

Make America Great Again — this is a Godly task. Bring faith back to our Nation. 

Where We Go One We Go All — this is our core belief, not just a motto.

I remember when I was a very little girl and the Rebbe (this is the Lubavitcher Rebbe, may he Rest In Peace) emphasized how important it is to light candles on Friday night for Sabbath. The candles light up the darkness. The flame of the believing soul.

Here’s wishing you a good day, a safe day, a day that brings you closer to the reason God put you on this planet in the first place.

A day when you join a good cause, because there is only one binary that matters: Good vs. Evil.

By Dr. Dannielle Blumenthal. All opinions are the author’s own. This post is hereby released into the public domain. Creative Commons photo via Pixabay.

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