The IG Report & QAnon: A Theory

1) More thoughts on the #IGReport and the role #QAnon plays. (Insert generic ☕️ image here.)
2) The inspector general of an agency makes recommendations to which management responds. It is an accountability mechanism but not a totally third party method of evaluation because both work for the same agency and Gov. Not typically an avenue of prosecution.
3) In an environment where everything is not only politicized, but weaponized, the IG becomes a topic of partisan discussion. It shouldn’t be.
4) @POTUS is a complete outsider to Washington but he is an insider when it comes to power. He has an uncanny ability to understand where power lies and how to work the game to his advantage. 

The Art of the Deal.
5) Meanwhile DC was for 8 years stymied by all the schemes Obama pulled, starting with Fast and Furious.
6) @SharylAttkisson spied on by Obama who politicized DOJ 4 gun control, interfering with ATF, defying lawmakers (Grassley and Chaffetz) to hide documents, and Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry was murdered b/c Obama’s DHS made him use fake bullets in self defense.
7) The list of scandals for which Obama went unaccountable grew and grew. Gang members and refugees flooded the country. The debt piled up. There was this constant odd extreme agenda around transgender rights.
8) I don’t believe @POTUS wanted to get into the race. I remember watching him on TV totally frustrated about Obama’s “junior varsity” ISIS. “I wouldn’t tell you how they’d be gone, but they’d be gone.”
9) I believe @POTUS entered the race with a plan and a set of partners, namely military intelligence. @StevePieczenik had a number of videos on this.
10) From the beginning I believe the plan was to use the military to take back control from a shadowy network of powerful people who had an anti-American agenda to enrich themselves.
11) Ever the master communicator, @POTUSknew he would need someone to bring the people along.
12) During the campaign a white paper leaked from Joel Benenson that outlined D communication strategy around a supposed alien event. I don’t know if it was real but even if it wasn’t, that plus other docs suggested knowledge of 8Chan and Reddit as useful places to be.
13) Also during the campaign an “FBI anon” sprang up who told us what was going on (supposedly) and it was bad. It was never proven whether the person was authentic.
14) There were other anons who gave “interviews” to alternative media and their info frequently sounded like it could be credible.
15) Meanwhile Reddit became controversial over pizzagate, so clearly the use of anons freaked out *someone.*
16) @realDonaldTrump walks into this situation which included people on the D side who clearly were out there trolling for her. (To be fair we have to assume that all sides had their trolls.)
17) He knew that popular opinion was and is the key to his success and enlisted the only people he could trust to communicate - military intelligence.
18) Thus was born #QAnon. Who never tells us anything truly new or classified. Who doesn’t want any money. Who continuously shows how the President endorsed his/her work (through @POTUS signals. Who also talks in military code.
19) Nobody understands this code because we aren’t military.
20) The campaign begins by telling us how it is going to end: military tribunals.
21) Websites like and QAnon.puband spring up and it’s not clear who made them.
22) Because this strategy is fundamentally about partnering with the anons who deeply influence public opinion.
23) @POTUS speaks to them and they scream for more. They do all the work by deciphering the puzzle for the rest of us, who follow as if we were watching a secret soap opera.
24) Not only is the President a master of communication, he fundamentally understands the most undervalued properties of social media - Twitter and the boards. Twitter had no value before he made it interesting.
25) This is the reality. A strategy of desperation. A strategy that works.

If I were the bad guys, I wouldn’t waste my time trashing Q.

By Dr. Dannielle Blumenthal. The author hereby releases this post into the public domain. All opinions are the author’s own.

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