#MeToo and its Puppet Masters

The #MeToo movement is a manipulation of women’s suffering by political activists who are literally waging war on men.

There, I said it. 

I am a feminist and I broke rank with the ruling clique.

Just yesterday I had a different opinion, writing in response to social commentator Candace Owens, who had posted the following comment to Twitter:
"The entire premise of #metoo is that women are stupid, weak & inconsequential. Too stupid to know what men might want if you come to their hotel room late at night. Too weak to turn around and tell someone not to touch your ass again. Too inconsequential to realize this."
Just yesterday, I wrote
"No. #MeToo is about the fact that so many women and girls suffer sexual abuse without telling." 
 Because I thought that her comment was cruel and cutting to women.

But Candace Owens understands the manipulations of the sick radical Leftist communist Marxist anti-Americans who create political campaigns much better than I do.

To get a sense of the power of this woman’s mind, and the reason why the leftists hate her, check out this brief clip “Off the Plantation” if you haven’t already. In it, a young Black man talks about realizing how White liberals care absolutely nothing for him or Black families at all.

And somewhere here Owens talks about how good they (liberals) are at manipulating you with words, like: How could anyone disagree that Black Lives Matter?

It’s funny, if you think about it, because haven’t there been a few “movements” that sounded good but which somehow arose and disappeared sort of artificially?

Remember Occupy Wall Street?

Come to think of it, how about those pink hats at the "Women's March?"
How about how I feared going to the inauguration (which they said didn't have any people) because of those black-robed Antifa activists, who were going to, I feared, smash heads and smash windows. 

I remember that around DC, not long ago, there used to be these fliers, like “Smash the Fash” (saying to commit violence against fascists which the President and his supporters supposedly are).

It’s like, I’m not a rocket scientist but this is all so faked and faked up. But when you’re in it, in the moment, you can’t necessarily see it.

Back to #MeToo.

This one is very close to my emotional triggers, as I am sure it is for many people. How long has abuse gone on and been covered up? 

A movement like this seems timely, and strong, and empowering.

But ha-ha, as usual the joke is on me. Because I let my emotional blinders stop me from reviewing all the evidence.

Because the #1 characteristic of this movement seems to be stopping men, not stopping abuse.

Abuse is perpetrated by women and men alike. It happens to boys and girls alike. Yet from the perspective of this movement, everything seems to be about how men are bad, and how we must stop them.

Here I am referring to 3 interrelated political aims: 
  • Eliminating gender polarity and substitute gender fluidity (turn boys into girls and girls into boys.) 
  • Criminalizing male sexuality and stigmatize testosterone. 
  • Criminalizing gun ownership.
By “stopping men” I am referring to the substitution of female dictators for men. Like here is Oprah explicitly saying we are entering the age of matriarchy. Not the good, nurturing, loving and cooperative kind but simply controlling of human freedom in a different way. 

And if you watch the kind of stuff that passes for entertainment right now you see the entire agenda at work -- the television series The Handmaid’s Tale for example.

What was actor Robert DeNiro saying at the Tony Awards when he said “f— Trump?” Essentially, from a certain vantage point, he was giving voice to  #MeToo activists who see things in gender terms only, and from the perspective of women in particular. Who are furious that a "man’s man" is actually more successful or effective than they are, because they literally hate men, and are enraged at even the remotest concept that men could possess power legitimately.

This is reverse sexism to the core.

I think about abuse and it boils my blood. The emotion blinds me sometimes to what is actually happening. But this video about Rose McGowan and Asia Argento really woke me up. This medium-length analysis (about 15 minutes) by Paul Romano is worth watching, because it pulls together three social institutions at once (feminism, the entertainment industry, and religion or anti-religion) and shows how they work in concert. 

Romano points out that the two most prominent faces associated with #MeToo are Hollywood stars Rose McGowan and Asia Argento. And that both are associated with witchcraft in some way. (I am not going to pretend to know how much of it is real versus symbolic.)
  • For example, Rose McGowan has said: "I am a witch and I will hunt wrongdoers."
  • Asia Argento has said: "I miss this holy whore and white witch."
  • On the recent death of Argento's boyfriend Anthony Bourdain, fellow actress Amber Tamblyn said: “Witches: please prepare the strongest protection spell you have for our sister Asia Argento today. Please lift her up with all the love and light your conjuring is capable of casting. #AnthonyBourdain."
Thinking more deeply about witchcraft: The thing about it is, on the one hand you have this kind of New-Agey version which is a mishmash of ideas about women’s empowerment.

But in Judaism we learn that they should be put to death. In Exodus 22:17, the Torah says: "You shall not allow a sorceress to live." 

The Jewish concern of course is not whether witchcraft offers women a "safe space" to be "bitches." We care about worshiping God and not misdirecting people to draw on demonic energies.

The Bible in fact is soaked in references to witches, sorcerers, child sacrifice, and specifically passing infants through the fire of Moloch—all ways of defying God and seeking power elsewhere.

And the Bible does in fact acknowledge that occult ceremonies do have power by harnessing the forces of evil. For example, in Genesis Rebecca stole her father Laban's idols because he used them to practice divination, and she feared that he would use this power to chase down her family and harm them. 

That the dark arts "work" is not because God lacks power of course. It is because God gives us free will. And as such there are angels of light and angels of darkness. He gives power to the dark side so that we will choose light.

From the perspective of #MeToo, the point is that I believe Rose McGowan and Asia Argento have effectively tricked people into following the powers of darkness. Because they stand there and they give speeches and they make some sort of weird power sign ("power fist") intended to rile people up. They carry the mantle of victim. And as such, nobody can question them.

If you watch Romano’s video, it contains a segment about modern day witches and how they seriously view today’s politics as an opportunity. (Hillary Clinton of course recently was inducted into a witches’ group, The Wing, but of course they are elite-looking so it doesn't count.)

Romano points out that all religions have a bad controlling element to them and that simply having an alternative way of life is not the issue. It is the deliberate misdirection of people to worship the anti-God, or Satan that is the problem. 

To misdirect people, of course, you wouldn't directly say “Let’s go worship Satan.” 

You would say, “Men are pigs and they have always been pigs. Trust women.”

Romano draws our attention to a movie that Asia Argento co-wrote and starred in (it’s based on someone else’s book) called The Heart Is Deceitful Above All Things. In this movie (trigger warning), Argento’s young son is not only sodomized by her boyfriend — but the son is also dressed up as a girl, complete with makeup, and “seduces” another adult male.

Based on her choice to not only star in but actually create a movie like this, I think that Argento is disturbed. Maybe it’s because of what happened to her. Maybe it’s because she made a choice to cross over into the dark side. Or both.
The point is, we should be very suspicious of the dynamics at play here. Suspicious of who is invested in promoting the #MeToo narrative. Suspicious of what is presented to us as “real,” such as the McGowan vs. Alyssa Milano catfight

On Twitter, @OpenThePrimary points out that #MeToo is also a distraction tactic: "The #MeToo movement is sucking all the oxygen in Hollywood away from systemic sexual abuse of children." 

It's sort of like saying: "Pay attention the adult women getting raped...not at the children getting trafficked by guess who...Hollywood." 

And when it comes to sexual misconduct, Hollywood will not talk at all about pedophilia, a point that Corey Feldman has made repeatedly but which there is so much anonymous discussion about that it's reached the level of a deafening roar. Former music journalist Thomas Wictor describes it thus:

Regarding Hollywood's abuse of adults, the industry has all sorts of defenses for itself, including, shockingly, two that have come up in relation to Harvey Weinstein. One is the notion that it wasn't trafficking because "no one was paid." The other is the idea that the casting couch is an old and well-known system that should not be considered criminal.

Look: At the end of the day I am just a simple person thinking simple things. I don’t pretend to understand everything. But I know enough to know that much craftier people take advantage of people like me. 

I know that crafty propagandists don’t want simple people — the “dummies,” the ones they think they can easily manipulate — asking questions.

The answer to this one is simple. 

Ask - ask a lot - and speak your mind.

There is no shame in being a simple person with a brain.

Copyright 2017 by Dr. Dannielle (Dossy) Blumenthal. All opinions are Dr. Blumenthal's own. This post is hereby released into the public domain. Photo Credit: susanlee828 / Flickr (Creative Commons)

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