And On That Day There Will Be Shame

So my sister sent me something very beautiful yesterday. I did not write this*, but I have adapted it here for a broader audience, and embellished it a bit. The part that is from the original email is quoted.

It's called: "A powerful message from someone who struggles."

"The day is coming. There’s no denial about it. I don’t know when it will come but I hope it will come soon. It’s the day when all the truth will be revealed. It’s the day when all pain will end."

"It will be on that beautiful day that our loving Father will take us and give us a hug and be so proud of us that we made it through the long and bitter exile."

"The shofar will sound and everyone will come running.....(but) all the way in the back will be the ones who....don’t feel like they belong there and are therefore staying in the back."

"God will call out in a loving & caring voice: Who among here struggled with keeping (My commandments)? Who among you struggled with living life and not (committing suicide?)"

"No one will raise their hand."

"Who among you were abused during your childhood and suffered every single day as a result and had to fight mightily just to get through it? Who among you suffered so much from loneliness and shame your whole life because you weren't able to come out about your abuse?"

In my mind I imagine God's voice is thundering now.

Thundering with RAGE at the CRUELTY of His creations.

Thundering with RAGE at the SUFFERING of His innocent souls.

In any case, this time


Because we know the truth is that more have suffered abuse than not.

In His infinite mercy and compassion, God calls out to His suffering children.

“All those whose hands were raised should please come up and sit next to Me. Not in the back. Not in the middle. Not in the front. Right next to Me."

Slowly, one by one, they walk to the front of the room.

The abandoned ones.
The homeless ones.
The ones that turned to drugs, and prostitution, and cutting.
The ones ostracized by their families.
The ones who have contemplated suicide.

"They all gather around, crying uncontrollably."

They are crying "from the validation and love that they are receiving (from God) after a lifetime of the exact opposite."

"God then calls out to all abusers. And the abuse enablers."


"The ones who refuse to stand up and give out their secret are forced to by His angels."

God then calls out to everyone, and He says:  “All of you are my children. I love you all and will reward you immensely for everything that you did. All the extra effort you made (to be good)."

The evil ones, the abusers, look down at the floor in shame.

God turns to face the victims directly. "However, this group of people that are sitting next to me will get everything, plus much more. They will always stay right next to Me. They suffered and struggled their entire life. They were lonely and sad, looked down upon and degraded. They were told their stories are not true. They were told to 'get up and get over it'."

God turns to face the evil ones.

"On this day of truth I want you all to know that these people, the ones you nearly destroyed, are the closest and dearest to me. They held on and fought and struggled with all their might to stay alive, to go through each and every day."

He turns to face the ones who were not abused.

"To you, life and faith came naturally. You were good because that was what you learned as children. But for them, everything was a challenge and they fought so many battled you never saw or had to go through."

God was almost finished speaking, but there was something He had to add.

"On this day of truth I want to applaud them in front of you all - and show them how much I cared about them, how I was watching them from above. They never saw Me, but I saw them, and I never took My eyes or heart away from them. I cried along with them. I struggled along with them. And now I want to be together with them again -- and will therefore always have them next to Me."

The evil ones were stunned.

All their plans had failed -- miserably.

All the lies, all the games, all the elaborate plots.

Now they were all alone, in the back.

Loved, perhaps, but also exposed for exactly who and what they are.

A few raised their hands, to try to apologize, but they quickly put them back down.

Their bodies were burning in shame.

Silently they waited for more from God.

But nothing was forthcoming.

Their actions had sealed their fate.

All they could do was reflect.

Not a word - nothing could be heard.

Except the sound of their tears.


Copyright 2017 by Dr. Dannielle (Dossy) Blumenthal. All opinions are Dr. Blumenthal's own. This post is hereby released into the public domain. Attribution for the quoted portion: "Forwarded with permission from a courageous client by: Binyamin Greenspoon, LCSW, director of Nesivos," Creative Commons photo via Pixabay.

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