Roseanne Barr Is A Truth-Telling Hero

What Happened

On March 30, 2018, U.S. celebrity Roseanne Barr, speaking from her Twitter account (@therealroseanne), stated:
“President Trump has freed so many children held in bondage to pimps all over this world. Hundreds each month. He has broken up trafficking rings in high places everywhere. notice that. I disagree on some things, but give him benefit of doubt-4 now.”

Why This Matters: Breaking The Cult Narrative Of Trump-Haters

Of course, haters of President Trump rapidly turned apoplectic. Criticism of rained down from all corners, including The Hollywood Reporterwhich blasted the actress for “a series of bizarre new tweets” in which Barr (inconceivably!) “continued to showcase her support for the President.”
Reading this, one has to wonder if THR can even take itself seriously, considering that Hollywood itself is known for child sex trafficking, and if you don’t believe that by now, then watch “An Open Secret”, read up on Corey Feldman (or maybe he’s just making all of it up, right?), or listen to “Judge Jeannine” Pirro, ask the journalist Thomas Wictor, research the enormous, multi-state West Coast child sex trafficking ring broken up in 2017.

Nickelodeon’s Notorious Dan Schneider, Long-Rumored To Have A Perverse Interest In Children

One could contact Nickelodeon about this disturbing Tweet by Jennette McCurdy, who worked as an actress on iCarly and Sam & Cat, two youth-oriented television shows produced by Dan Schneider, who recently resigned, as Deadline said it, “under a cloud of suspicion over the treatment of some of the younger stars on his shows.” (He’s not the only one.)
In any case, this is what McCurdy looked like four years ago.
This is what she looks like today, or at least what she looked like in a Vine she recently released publicly. (Warning: This content is disturbing.)
Many of us are asking the same question: “What did Dan Schneider do to Jannette McCurdy?”
This is a picture of McCurdy with Schneider.

An Excerpt From The “Blind Item”

Some are wondering if the below “blind item” on the “Crazy Days and Nights” blog, about Hollywood, has anything to do with Dan Schneider’s firing:
“Tick tock, tick tock. That clock is ticking loudly as a chain of events and a metaphorical deal with the devil can bring down this entire media corporation and their now-struggling studio within the coming year.
“This one has been a long time coming, and is thankfully about to come to an end for the perpetrators of some of the modern entertainment industry’s worst long-time institutional abuses of underage actresses….Many people in Hollywood and out have been waiting to see when this Producer at this cable network is going to be called out, publicly accused, or charged for his many years of abuse behind the scenes.
“Many have wondered why — with so many others being brought down — he’s managed to escape almost unscathed?
“It’s because of his Protector. His Protector is the mega-wealthy big boss of the studio and corporate parent, and he wields a lot of power over many types of media, in both Hollywood and New York.
“Many years ago the Producer got himself in serious trouble over his perverted abuses of several of his actresses. Not just those he abused himself, but those he encouraged his writers, directors, and co-producers to sexually abuse.
“This was not a one-time thing, but an ongoing constant pattern which led those actresses to drugs, self-destruction, self-abuse, mutilation, destroyed dreams, wasted careers, damaged families, and even insanity. Made more disgusting by the complicity and apathy of the parents, “momagers”, and guardians who just wanted fame and money. All so that some jolly perverts could get their rocks off living out their sick unfulfilled tweenage dreams.
“At that time, the Protector still had most of his marbles and was going to live forever. Many believe he still may, although he’s now alive in name only and the flames are lapping at his legs daily.
“Back then he still had his iron grip on his business and he’s never been afraid to sue, threaten, harass, or destroy others as his favorite sport. Back when the abuses emerged as whispers at the corporation, the executives and The Protector sat down with his corporate bean counters and realized the massive cash cow this Producer was for them. Huge. Very huge and big in every way.
“In fact, probably one of the three biggest revenue generators in the corporate parent’s entire history (especially in the coveted target demographic for ads, merch, and licensing).
“When that much is at stake, they don’t want to rock the boat or kill the golden goose (Or cow. Or even a giant pig.).
“Anyway, on the other hand? It is a public corporation, and that means things can get leaked and revealed just through statements and financial reports. What then evolved was a corporate game of chess that nobody could imagine.
“The Producer was no dummy, so he personally hired investigators to provide ammo for his case. He then hired top financial experts to lay out the revenue he and his cronies represented to the corporation both in the past and in future revenues.
“So when the Protector summoned him? The Producer showed the Protector a huge financial report to validate his power and worth to the bottom line. Then he showed a massive dossier of files going back 50 years of the powerful Protector’s own misdeeds.
“From New York, to Hollywood, to Boston, to London — a trail of abuses, perversions, thefts from his company, abuse, stealing from his own family, and even outright felonies. By the time he got down the list to mention offshore banking, the Protector knew he’d met someone on his level.
“Thus the two twisted men forged a strategy and agreement to protect each other and the corporation. The Producer surrendered his very expensive background report — and the Protector agreed to make all those ‘pesky’ abuse whispers go away.
“…None of this was simple, instant, and was NOT cheap or easy. But the perverted Producer was smart enough to have limited potential witnesses by keeping his rapes/abuses down to he said/she said. And for more than a decade in the pre-Cosby & pre-Harvey days a reporter, lawyer, or cop wouldn’t accuse in such instances without hard proof.
“Parents were paid off in huge amounts. As in ‘never have to work again ever’ amounts that cover cars, college tuition, homes and all they want for now….They were well rewarded. Not just with big payoffs, but production deals, television shows, feature films, even music careers. Many of the adults were even bribed with corporate stock.
“The victims were told they “had no choice” and had to accept the deals, or they themselves could get in trouble. So all that those actresses and their people had to do? Keep quiet, keep smiling and doing photo ops, and support the brands/shows/projects with positive PR.
“The best part for the Producer & Protector? They managed to make even more money off of even those cover-up deals by making new shows starring once-unknown backing players who had been abused. Like two shows that starred the same actress. And on, and on, it went. Leaving a trail of money and destroyed lives in their wake.
“Some of the young girls were just in their tweens when sexually abused and raped by the Producer or his team members. One very damaged victim says she was even a virgin when the Producer went from hugging her in her trailer, to physically laying on her and forcing himself in her. She turned to alcohol, drugs, running away, and anything that would allow her to numb the pain as her parents refused to give her money to live and refused to let her quit the business. Eventually it became too much for her, and she had an epic meltdown.
“Some of the victims were so exasperated by parents, managers, and even tutors refusing to believe or help them that they did quit the business altogether. Still others tipped off gossip bloggers, industry insiders, online Reddit threads, anonymous Myspace chats, and anyone they could find just to try and warn others and get the story out there any way they could. It worked to a small degree at least as people began to whisper.
“Meanwhile, the Protector still enjoyed his own perversions with barely-legal escorts and their escort mothers; escorts who were paid by trading sex for production deals at the studio; actresses who skipped over the casting couches and went straight to his house to trade sex for jobs on his TV shows; and yacht girls whom he moved into his houses as his girlfriends/sugar babies.
“All the while the Producer continued his abuses/crimes and even got bold enough to allude to them in his own shows.”

Case #2: Seth Rogen’s “It Doesn’t Mean Anything, It’s Just A Movie” Rape Scene

Hollywood loves Seth Rogen. He is a top actor, has a “nice guy” image and is frequently cast in leading roles.
The problem is, Hollywood portrayals of life actually influence how we think about our real-world interactions.
One of Rogen’s more forgettable roles, back in 2009, is of the character “Ronnie,” in the movie Observe and ReportThe film prominently features Rogen’s character, a pathetic “mall cop,” raping Anna Faris, under the pretense that they are both too drunk for it to be rape.
Faris, who plays his “dream girl,” Brandi, is unconscious when we first see Rogen raping her. She is drunk to the point of vomiting (we literally see her vomit on the bed). The rape is explained away by her briefly “waking up” and telling Rogen, nastily, to continue.
This by way of saying, if THR is attacking Roseanne Barr, I’m pretty sure she’s hit the nail squarely on the head.
So what has President Trump done for victims of child sex trafficking?

Tightening The Noose: Framework For Permanent Elimination Of Child Sex Trafficking In America

Number one, President Trump has gone far further than other Presidents in establishing a long-term approach toward ending this plague.
Admittedly, in doing so, he follows in the footsteps of others. Most notably, the Victims of Trafficking and Violence Protection Act of 2000 was signed by President Clinton and was reauthorized both under President Bush and Obama. (President Trump signaled his support of the Act through a Presidential Determination in September 2017 denying non-humanitarian, non-trade related aid to countries that were out of compliance.)

Why Does The Long-Term Approach Matter?

Individual arrests only matter in the short term. To get a sense of the trend, one has to look at the framework within which law enforcement takes place. Also, President Trump has only been in office a short time, making apples-to-apples comparisons weak. When more data is available we can more fruitfully compare numbers of arrests under Presidents Trump versus Obama, or numbers of people arrested (for example a large sweep in California, in which 500 people were arrested).

Executive Orders Targeting Human Rights Abuses and Corruption Take Direct Aim At Human Traffickers

In looking at the big picture, it is helpful to consider a list of Executive Orders (EOs) and related information, compiled by Mackie Oria Morris. Below is my adaptation of her list with source links.
First, Morris notes that with an Executive Order (EO) issued December 21, 2017, President Trump put the United States under a state of emergency.
A state of national emergency means that martial law can be imposed if necessary. In 2006, President Bush made it easier to impose.
The reason for our current national emergency, according to President Trump, is “serious human rights abuse and corruption around the world.” I read this as “human trafficking and other crimes that affect Americans seriously.”

The Silent Import of the New UCMJ

This consists of 467 pages of changes to the Uniform Code of Military Justice, the basic code of U.S. military law. (It should be noted that any change this drastic would have to begin under the prior Administration at least; it should also be noted that under the Obama administration, the UCMJ was updated in ways that supported victims of sex crimes, for example providing them with a special counsel to advise them of their rights.)
Why is it so hard to find a good news analysis of these updates? What are they, and why do they matter?
Over at CAAFlog, a blog dedicated to all things UCMJ (Tagline: “Military justice blogs are to blogs as military music is to music”), the change gets only a headline with a vague, “More to Follow.”
This comment alone offers a frightening level of sarcastic insight: “Watch No Way Out With Kevin Costner.”
The frustrated blogger is left reading the text of the EO itself, which suggests, as this anonymous blogger writes, that we have silently transitioned into martial law, with all the ramifications this entails:
“Pay close attention to the last paragraph, as it alludes to a significant and unprecedented change in the relation between Domestic Rule of Constitutional Law and the Uniform Code of Military Justice (sic). It certainly has within the legitimacy of providing lawful grounds for the US military under guidance & assistance of the Departments of Homeland Security and Department of Justice to pursue indict arrest prosecute and sentence foreign and national non military, non government, corporate, and political actors & entities, i.e. enemies foreign & domestic, under United States Code (Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) Courts — Martial.”
Indeed, this reading is borne out in the EO. See screenshot below:

U.S. Marshals To Enforce Martial Law

If President Trump intends to make mass arrests under the rubric of a national emergency related to human rights abuses, he will need significant support, of the type provided by a U.S. Marshal, which:
performs the essential functions of protecting the Federal judiciary, apprehending fugitives, transporting prisoners, and protecting witnesses.”
You can learn more about what the Marshals do at, but the bottom line is that President Trump appears to be gearing up for something big. In the absence of some explanation to the contrary, this would explain the many successive “waves” of Marshals he has nominated just since September 2017.
Of course, we shouldn’t jump to conclusions; maybe our default assumption should be that all the nomination activity is normal.
But there is something else.

The Sealed Indictments

Since the EO was released, there have been more than 18,000 (researchers are sharing through Google Drive; this is not my research work; an attempt to double-verify this information was thwarted as the Twitter account which offered it was “mysteriously” suspended, another challenge for researchers trying to obtain valid information).
In any case, the indictments are concentrated in certain states. See “heat map” last updated February 2018.
All of these are publicly available through PACER, which stands for “Public Access to Court Electronic Records.” Should you wish to do so, here is a guide to searching PACER yourself.
To get a sense of how astronomically high this past year’s figures are, see a 2009 study (link goes to Google Drive) conducted by the Federal Judicial Center, a research agency within the U.S. judiciary, which found that there were slightly fewer than 1,100 sealed criminal cases in 2006, or 1.6% of all criminal cases filed. (See screenshot.)
While the mainstream media has ignored the unusual quantity of sealed indictments, these are a frequent topic of discussion on social media, where there is much speculation as to their contents.

Taking Their Money

The assets of human traffickers and other corrupt actors (as we know from the FBI, organized criminals tend to commit multiple types of crime) are being targeted as well.
The “Executive Order Blocking the Property of Persons Involved in Serious Human Rights Abuse or Corruption,” issued December 21, 2017, targeted criminals’ assets. Accordingly, the same day the EO was released, the U.S. Treasury Department released an 1100-page list containing the names of those whose assets were seized.

A Place To House All Those Criminals

Nobody likes to talk about it, but it appears fairly clear that in this state of national emergency, those accused of certain crimes (such as treason) can be taken to the notorious Guantanamo Bay (“GITMO”) prison, which is a military prison, to undergo a military trial. The preparation for a large-scale processing endeavor would explain why Guantanamo is undergoing a significant expansion costing hundreds of millions of dollarsThe Arizona National Guard was deployed there in December 2017.

Funding The Government With Legislation To Fight Human Trafficking

The Omnibus Bill that President Trump signed on March 23, 2018, apparently begrudgingly, signed has a longer title which indicates that it is anti-human-trafficking legislation.
“An Act to amend the State Department Basic Authorities Act of 1956 to include severe forms of trafficking in persons within the definition of transnational organized crime for purposes of the rewards program of the Department of State, and for other purposes.”
Key word: “severe” — this means, among other things, that the perpetrator enslaved minors (children) for sex.
Key words: “for other purposes.”
The text of the legislation, H.R. 1625, is important in stopping the flow of child sex trafficking because, notes GovTrack, it:
amends the State Department Basic Authorities Act of 1956 to authorize the State Department and law enforcement agencies to target international human traffickers by offering financial rewards for their arrest or conviction.”

Funding The Cost of Trials

The appropriations bill also includes significant funding for the costs associated with trials requiring significant security. For example, there is $270,000,000 set aside for “fees and expenses of witnesses,” another $16,000,000 for “construction of buildings for protected witness safesites,” another $3,000,000 for “witness security caravans,” and so on.
One anonymous commenter on Reddit asks, “Did the democrats just fund the tribunals?
It may be that these tribunals are going to adjudicate financial crimes only, but this scenario seems unlikely given all the other contextual factors listed above.

Noteworthy Resignations

Over roughly the same time period that President Trump nominated five successive waves of U.S. Marshals, many well-known corporate figures and politicians have stepped down, such as Google’s Eric Schmidt. In an interview with Russia’s “propaganda network” — it is a propaganda network — Sputnik News, tech entrepreneur Trent Lapinski noted (as did many others) that the action occurred within hours of the December 2017 EO:
“According to Lapinski, it is notable that Schmidt’s resignation was announced mere hours after US President Donald Trump issued an executive order that blocks transactions of the property of persons involved in human rights abuses, human trafficking and corruption. During the 2016 US presidential race, Schmidt played an instrumental role in Hillary Clinton’s campaign, acting as what Lapinski called a ‘CTO’ of the campaign. This became known when Clinton campaign chair John Podesta’s emails were shared on WikiLeaks. The emails revealed Schmidt secretly funded the Groundwork Foundation, a top technology provider for Clinton.”
This GoogleDoc has a running list of the resignations, their dates, given reasons and various statistics. (The information has been contributed by a variety of anonymous researchers and cannot be confirmed by me officially.) Highlights:
  • 1642 people
  • 1283 companies or organizations
  • 97 countries resignations as of this writing
Here is another visualization of the information that appears to be current as of March 20, 2018.
Among these “notables” are dozens of U.S. politicians who either stepped down or announced they’re not seeking re-election.
We are also seeing significant arrests of state leaders, such as in Saudi Arabia, a well-known destination for sex trafficking, since November 2017.

Major Child Sex Trafficking Arrests Since President Trump Took Office

While more documentation is always helpful, what follows are a few examples of significant child sex trafficking arrests that have occurred since President Trump took office.
Time did not permit me to do the kind of research that would do this effort justice, and a selected list of arrests under the Administration of one President does not imply that previous Presidents were inactive in this regard. (Really, we are talking about the end of child rape: It’s not about who gets more credit.)


While I may not have all the facts, I do believe — based on the quantity, quality and fervor of his statements — that thanks to President Trump, a sea change is occurring in the way human trafficking is treated in this country.
Those who sell children for sex are the enemy.
Our President has declared war.
Copyright 2018 by Dr. Dannielle Blumenthal. All opinions are the author’s own. This post is hereby released into the public domain. This post has been updated with additional information 4:53 PM EST, March 31, 2018.

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