Making the World Safe for Judith

This morning I woke up with a panic attack.

Because I realized that The Walking Dead presents us with an impossible choice.

Carl represents goodness. He doesn't stand a chance. 
Negan represents evil. Evil will do whatever it takes. In this world, evil often wins.

Negan put my grandmother in Auschwitz.
It is clear that I have intergenerational trauma. 

If I am traumatized, it's because I will never know for sure what happened there.

We weren't allowed to discuss it back then. Her face shook, teeth clacked, hands shook. She testified for Yad Vashem. There is a lot of shame and shrouding around this topic. But then my dad told me what Mengele said to my grandmother.
"You stinkin' Jew, you'll never have kids," he said as she walked out of Auschwitz. There are family stories about how she escaped Nazi assault. In an instant I knew they probably weren't true, no matter what anyone said, even her.

Here's the central question: "How far would you go to protect your family?"
How far would you go to avenge your loved ones' suffering? The suffering that Negan has inflicted on your soul? Rick to Negan, over and over again: "I'm gonna kill you."

This week - Season 8, Episode 11 - Tara decided to kill Dwight, for vengeance. Even though the team needed his help, and she had been told to stand down. She said: "It will make me feel a whole lot better."

Rick is a good man, but you mess with his family and you're dead.

This is what has me so upset inside: We're dealing with people who rape their own children, and then blow the shofar.

We are dealing with people coming forward to say they were raped by Hollywood figures, and when they told their parents, the response was that being in a movie is some kind of badge of honor.

We are dealing with people who are saying that they told the FBI, and the FBI did nothing.

A book called The Science of Evil is an attempt to understand how Nazis think. Why turned Jews into soap and lampshades. Why cut off a lady's hands, only to reattach them in reverse.

Why would you dump living human beings for three hours in a tub of freezing water...just to see what happens?

Simon Baron Cohen shows us two things. * Evil is not limited to the Nazis AT ALL. * It is a clinically demonstrable deficiency of human empathy. Now, here's the question that gave me a panic attack today.

Knowing that evil will always exist (until the Final Redemption): How do we eradicate evil, without descending into evil ourselves?

This is how good people think, like Gandhi: "An eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind."

But when we try to deal with bad people nicely, Negans only reproduce.

When we ignore the fact that Negan presents himself as a "Savior," innocent people keep getting hurt. 

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's brother Yoni led an Israeli rescue operation to save Jewish hostages from certain death in Uganda. In the process he got killed.  (A movie opening this weekend, 7 Days in Entebbe, revisits the original movie.)

Every day, every single day, good people have to ask themselves this: How do we defend Judith, without becoming Negan?
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