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Saturday, April 22, 2017

Human Trafficking Campaign Wrapup

It's been 6 months since I started campaigning on social media against #humantrafficking along with many other citizens. My goal was to help bring awareness of this plague to the mainstream. 

Thank God, this has happened, and so my personal campaign is over, although I will plan to share important news regularly. 

Five metrics of success: 

1) President Donald Trump made it a high priority of his administration from day one. The First Lady and Ivanka Trump are also actively involved.

2) Arrests are *way up* and they're getting high profile individuals in politics & law enforcement. 

3) The federal government is all over it, specifically DHS/ICE & the FBI. (USAID, State & HHS should also be mentioned).

4) The mainstream media is covering it heavily. Daily I see news on the major networks, not just blogs and independent media.

5) A major celebrity, Ashton Kutcher, testified before Congress about his foundation, which fights human trafficking through technology. And Kim Kardashian has announced that she was inspired by the movie Lion to learn more about this issue. 

Just like when I campaigned for President Trump, I was moved to fight this fight for a lot of reasons. I am excited about the next big project, as of now unknown.
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