The Radical Left's Silent Coup - Trying To Illegally Turn Electors Into Iran-Style "Guardian Council"

This will be brief, but it is important.
  • President-elect Donald J. Trump has filed a motion to stop California elector Vinzenz J. Koller from backing out of his commitment to serve. The case is called Koller vs. Brown. The presiding judge is Edward J. Davila, and the case number is 5:16-cv-07069.
  • The issue at hand is the illegal attempt to overthrow our elected next President by subverting the Constitution. Electors are supposed to execute the will of the people, not act as a deliberative body and in essence hold a second election.
  • Their legal strategy is straight out of Iranian law and that is why Donald Trump's lawyers have cited Iran's constitution to explain what they are trying to do. See screenshot.
  • The Democrats know their tactics are unconstitutional but are trying to convince the American people otherwise. The point is to stall for time so that when the Electors meet on December 19, a consensus will not be met and the matter will go to Congress. 
  • Why don't they want Trump in office? Because unlike the Establishment, he is independent and cannot be controlled. They want a third-party candidate chosen who will be controllable.
  • This effort is not a joke. Harvard University law professor Larry Lessig yesterday stated that he already had 20 electors "flipped." Only 17 more are needed.
I realize that this sounds like fake news and therefore encourage you to read more about this crisis. See direct links below.
  • Trump Warns US Federal Court That Clinton Is Using Islamic Law To Overturn Election
  • Court document, posted by Politico.

All opinions my own.