3 Ways Your Resume Needs Improvement

A few times in my career I’ve had to review resumes. Most of the resumes I see are terrible. This is because the candidate:
  • Throws every possible qualification into the document – regardless of whether it matches the type of job they’re applying to.
  • Jams words on top of words, making it impossible to read them without Herculean effort.
  • Tries to obfuscate their true level of experience.
Oddly, in messing up their resumes people ignore the most basic rule of branding: make yourself uniquely appealing to the customer. But people do it anyway.
The underlying psychological reason? Ego.

There is a resistance to “changing” yourself “just to satisfy someone else.”

Even if it’s for the sake of a job.
Think about how much that costs you.

All opinions my own.

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