"Save Penina's Children's Charity" - A Jewish Tragedy On Many Levels

So sad tonight to be writing this blog. It's actually painful to put my fingers to the keyboard.

Today an anonymous letter arrived in the mail. Related to my earlier blog on Pearl Perry Reich, it asked me to look into a supposed charity she promotes on her website. From what I can tell, this organization is run by her boyfriend, Shauli Grossman.

The letter asked me to help prevent a potential fraud perpetrated by Ms. Reich. But it seemed the underlying complaint also had to do with her open rebellion against Judaism, and specifically her immodesty.

I did go to check out her website, the charity, etc. and here is the information I could find. If any of it is wrong, please tell me.

  • Ms. Reich runs a website where she sells jewelry. There is a style blog on the site.
  • The same site has a tab that links to a supposed charity, "Save Penina's Children," which is supposedly no longer about her own children but more generally about protecting the right of parents and children to be together despite family religious disagreements. The charity page also has a blog.
  • I cannot find this organization in the IRS directory of tax-exempt organizations.

There are so many tragedies here.

  • It is tragic that the religious community could not find a way to retain and harness the talents of this obviously creative and caring person, and her boyfriend.
  • It is tragic that a dispute such as this had to go public and degenerate to such a level.
  • It is tragic that the children should be confused and hurt by the divorce, the fighting, and the different messages about religion.
  • It is tragic that Ms. Reich and her boyfriend did not receive more secular education. I can tell from the blog how much potential is there.
  • It is tragic that Ms. Reich's good intentions are going bad with the site. I don't believe she's trying to cheat anyone. I think she just doesn't know what she's doing.
May G-d bless and protect this woman, her boyfriend, and the Jewish community and help us find healing and peace. May He end the needless and baseless hatred that keeps us in exile.


All opinions my own.