A Big L'Chaim From Santa Fe

The Chabad rabbi expressed many things in shul today. Much of the below observed and inferred, not said directly.

(Of course it's not the words it's the warmth of the place.)

The shul reflects the culture here in Santa Fe. Come here, even for a short time, not for the art or for the jewelry but for the healing. 

What healing? I can't tell you definitively what, why or how. But the things you're running from bubble up here, and you can face them and not die. You can walk forward.

Back to what the rabbi said - we were there for 4 hours so a lot of things.

1. Action. It matters more than inspiration. Action is treasured. Act to move forward and don't get bogged down by anything.

2. Library. Build your own treasure trove of books, Jewish books if you are Jewish but otherwise anything that inspires you is my interpretation. The act of buying the book, the act of keeping it in your home, inspire reflection and further action.

3. Possession. The true leader owns enough to survive. The rest belongs to the community.

4. Joy. Be happy! Sing! Eat! Laugh. We were not made to serve G-d in guilt and misery - these emotions have the opposite effect of distancing you from faith. Just like anger.

5. Reach out. If you are strong in your faith and knowledgeable about why you have it, reaching out to others makes you and your community stronger.

6. Accuracy. Observe the rituals correctly. It's not something you adapt according to people's feelings, it is what it is.

7. Disrespect. Sometimes in the process of outreach, words are expended that are then treated disrespectfully. It is sad but inevitable because the greater good is to help people find their faith (again).

8. Scotch. If you're gonna make kiddush, use the real thing :-)

L'Chaim! Shavua Tov!


All opinions my own. Visit the Chabad of Santa Fe Facebook page, pictured in screenshot: https://www.facebook.com/ChabadSantaFe?ref=stream. The shul is located at 509 Camino De Los Marquez, Suite 4, 505-983-2000.