The Intimacy API

"Never have lives less lived been more chronicled." - Dennis Miller

It occurred to me the other day that social media has distorted the very nature of our selves.

And yet it is essential.

My daughter said she had "given up Facebook."

But a couple of days later, felt "kind of out of it."

On Hot 99.5 they were talking about women who wrote love notes to their boyfriends on Facebook while in real life things aren't so good.

"I don't want anyone talking trash about me, judging," said one caller-in.

Gawker had the story of an "alt-lit" magazine publisher who readily admitted to raping his acquaintances, though he said he felt bad about it. As he didn't realize the relations were nonconsensual.

One of the victims described staying at his place after some email correspondence back and forth. 

Electronically he seemed trustworthy enough, but in person it was a different story. 

And there was no practical way to leave his apartment in Brooklyn, seeing as it was the dead of night and she was option-less for a room.

In the Age of Social, the hive mind so quickly takes over and we feel like the Star Trekkian Borg, one with all the others for good (or not).

But we have also forgotten, and should not forget that real intimacy is human to human only. That it takes time. And that it  can't be replicated via an API.


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