Defending Israel On A Sunday

Daily life and its challenges often take us away from the things that matter most in life. Like G-d, family and friends.

Similarly, the quest to be seen as important can make us focus overly much on career and status symbols.

One of my old friends from high school captured this well the other day on Facebook when she shared a status that said something like, it's not what you do but who you are.

This morning two men were talking loudly in Starbucks about Israel and her obvious right to self-defense, a right which isn't obvious to everybody. Israel-haters are thinly veiled anti-Semites who want to see Israel - and the Jewish people by extension - dead.

The men in Starbucks were Christian. I know this because one also talked about his denomination of the faith and how it had become less anti-Semitic over time. There are others who are not Jewish nor even believers in religion who stand up for Israel relentlessly. 

My daughter said to me, why is it that the non-Jews are standing up for Israel and we are not even standing up for ourselves? 

I think she meant "not enough." 

I think she meant about Jews who protest the Gaza invasion even as it is a last ditch effort at self defense, at territorial integrity.

Her words made me ashamed that I spend relatively so much time focused on me, me, me, and not enough time supporting the causes that are not only worthy but critical.

So this is a post, unfortunately occasional, where I do want to stand up and say that Israel is without question a legitimate state by any standard and should defend herself to the fullest.

* All opinions my own.