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Monday, May 26, 2014

Visionaries Don't Miss Milestones

In Geoffrey James' new book "Business Without The Bullsh*t" he talks about 12 kinds of bosses - 11 of them are bad.

One is "The Visionary," perhaps gifted but who can't seem to shift from the future to the right-now. 

This isn't helpful to the team. The boss has got to be "how-focused," as in how to get from here to there.

The world is full of people with bright ideas. Few are able to implement. Few are:

* Critical 
* Linear 
* Logical
* Strategic 
* Insightful
* Holistic
* Courageous
* Committed 

...all at once.

Hat tip to a real visionary, who encouraged me to focus more on the "how," and stop overthinking the big picture.

* All opinions my own. Photo by me.