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Monday, October 15, 2012

Russell Peters Is So Damn Funny

Found this standup comedian on Netflix, Russell Peters.

His entire act basically consists of making fun of different nationalities as he compares and contrasts them.

Peters' parents are from India - he was raised in Canada.

He goes through the audience, picking out and interacting with other Indians, Hispanics, African-Americans, Asians, Jewish people, the Irish, on and on.

What I love about his show is the comedian's uncanny ability to capture an accent, an entire way of thinking, all the the most trivial things in their sheer political incorrectness.

What's even better is how the audiences are able to laugh at themselves, each other - all the things that in real life one cannot say and that tear people apart in the name of "don't disrespect me."

Comedy is like art in that only the truth works and I trust it for that reason. It is a difficult skill to master because it is so easy to let bias and self-consciousness and ego get in the way.

If you have a chance check out the show. It is intelligent comedy for a global era.