A Suggestion for McDonald's Advertising

The other day I observed a group of seniors from the local retirement community hanging out at McDonald's - playing a bingo game. They stayed there for a long time. 

Another time I visited around three p.m. and saw the kids hanging out after school. They were boisterous but calm and having fun.

There is also a mini-playground in the McDonald's near me, and in the one I recall going to in New York City.

I told this to a friend and she told me that in California, the elderly men in the Vietnamese community hang out at a particular McDonald's near her home.

It occurred to me that the company should go back to "Food, Folks and Fun" as a theme for their advertising. Especially in tough economic times, people still want to go out but they want to go somewhere that a meal won't completely destroy their pocketbooks.

Just a thought - the food and service have dramatically improved, and they deserve a great ad campaign to go along with them.

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