28 Things I Should've Known Earlier

"Neuron" by Roxy Paine
The neurons in my brain connected a few dots this weekend, so here you go. What do you all think of this list? How would you add, change, modify?
  1. The Creator of the Universe is not a man (or a woman), but the perfect synthesis of love and justice.
  2. Suffering is not to accept but to strive to overcome.
  3. Poverty is a human invention and humans could end it now if we wanted to.
  4. Blind faith is sometimes necessary, but only if it's truly impossible to get the facts.
  5. Hatred from others is a form of feedback.
  6. If we can't solve a problem often it's because we begin with the wrong assumptions.
  7. The worst kind of discrimination is the kind people level against themselves.
  8. Giving charity is selfish for a lot of reasons, but letting that stop you is just an excuse.
  9. People intuitively know how to find your flaws, so you may as well laugh about them.
  10. Marketers distort the truth only to the extent that customers want them to.
  11. Rarely is there a problem so unique that you can't find an example of it on the Internet.
  12. Some personality traits are best viewed online, especially bluntness and transparency.
  13. All significant trends start locally, spread sideways, and then funnel up.
  14. Most meaningful things in life are undiscussable in words.
  15. Strategic planning is a process exercise not a journey toward an end state.
  16. The more influential others think you are, the more legitimacy you will actually have.
  17. About 50% of your career success will come down to how you dress, 25% to how you speak, and 25% to your awareness of what the real influencers really want.
  18. Other people know a lot more than you may give them credit for.
  19. Karma is real - the energy you give out, is the energy you will receive in return.
  20. Family is made, not born.
  21. You can give up a lot of things but never your integrity.
  22. Wearing black all the time is a cop-out not a clothing strategy.
  23. Friends who make you laugh are priceless.
  24. Blaming others is a way of making a choice.
  25. Chasing meaning will make you happy but the reverse is not true at all.
  26. If you want to live forever, only eat food that you can identify without an ingredient list.
  27. You can get endless good advice but it is worthless unless you act on it.
  28. Rarely will anybody give you 28 pieces of good advice unless they want something in return.
Have a good day everyone, and good luck!


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