Why the best communicators are not esoteric subject matter experts

10 Reasons Why Communicators Avoid Technology

10 Technology-Driven Ways to Increase Your Communication Staff's Efficiency

I Need a Better Job Title

Social media, broadcast media, Web – the future of government communication

What JC Penney knows that Lowe's doesn't

The highest compliment a brand can get

Employee communications - what does it say about your brand if their photos look like mugshots?

5 Mistakes That Keep You From Revitalizing a Dying Brand

Starbucks special edition Tribute card (see pic) so nice I carry it unloaded, just so i can take it out and look at it. #starbucks

Theoretical change is incremental. Real change happens quick.

Megabus to NYC = reliable, cheap, courteous, but mega-confusing

Government’s Critically Important “Employer Brand”

My Blood, Sweat and Tears - Your 5 Social Media Do's and Dont's

The only reason to give away content is to gain credibility.

Have you ever noticed that people tend to hire people who look like them?

A great storyteller will always have a job.

I always post my blog right away in case there is a nuclear disaster - not kidding.

Generic content has no value. Customized advice does. #branding

Sunday's social media daze

Just uploaded my updated eBook to SlideShare (free download)

Personal branding tip: Create a "Personal Preference Card"

Why Starbucks’ Tribute Misses the Mark

Please Fwd/Share/Repost: 10 Personal Safety Tips That May Save Your Life

Taking my own brand medicine...and it's good!

5 Outlook timesavers to explore on a Friday

Personal Branding & the Self-Destruction of Charlie Sheen

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