Recipe for A Successful Brand

Women Demand the Images That Consume Them

Branding, Human Trafficking, and the Millionaire Matchmaker

See comment from BAV & my response - on my "functional brand equity" post

Unbelievable, great example of transparency in action - another reason to watch

BMW commercial - brilliant line - the essence of branding--

How To Make Functional Brand Equity Ethical

Googled the name of my new blog (ThinkBrandFirst) and found that Al Ries once used it in an article. That's cool!

Brand Authenticity vs. Customer Satisfaction

The world's #1 brand...even half-empty, sitting next to a dingy chain-link fence, is beautiful

Brand Fanatics & the Symbolic Meaning of Brands Today

5 Great Examples of Branding Today

“Toyota Comes Out Swinging”

Go With The Flow - Of The Social Media River

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