Most books can be summarized in a sentence - so why do we still buy them?

Was at Starbucks, thinking again - the artisan sandwiches look so gross, who buys them them? But the Via pitch is starting to get 2 me.

Biggest mistake in high-tech mktg.: "The product speaks for (sells) itself." Not to the end user it doesn't!

Subverting the marketers of evil things

i really believe that the best way to get over feeling deprived is to give to someone who has less than you.

Be careful who you share your ideas with

new brand i like -affliction (clothing)

agree with catherine ventura - what kind of horrible name is black friday for today-to me sounds like remebrance of a nuclear holocaust

CNBC special on Coca-Cola branding makes me think-shame that such brilliant tactics r wasted on such an unethical + addictive product

at starbucks told cashier that artisan s-wiches look dead + detract from brand. she laughed. nobody told her she is Schultzs eyes+ears?

On Black Friday (when everyone is at Target and Walmart) there is nothing better than just watching the blue sky

even works by SMS - amazing. I am switching my blog there asap.

Interesting Coca-Cola commercial now posted on YouTube

Images of DC in the media in 2012 - interesting

when people figure out what they can do with posterous, everyone is going to be using it

Branding and Social Media: “I Now Pronounce You Man and Wife”

Dealing with social media users' inner conflict re: sponsored content

With trust ratings like these, why are leaders still talking?

Why “The Biggest Loser” in Government Is Actually The Biggest Winner

My Top 10 Picks from the New "Cluetrain Manifesto" for Gov 2.0

Via Will Kill the Starbucks Star

A Declaration for Independence

Focus, guts, and great communication


Why people don’t trust public affairs (and what we can do about it)

When It's Good To Be “Undignified”

Shopping for the Truth

7 Reasons Why People Should Have Access To Social Media At Work For Limited Personal Use

All Aboard Social Media: Or, Why You Shouldn’t Stand In Front of a Moving Train With a STOP Sign

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