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Monday, June 25, 2018

In February 2007, Ben Szemkus (pronounced SHEM-kus) went to what he would later describe as a "very weird party." He now thinks it was a recruitment event for #NXIVM. Here he discusses it. “The Tanster” is the interviewer. Ben Szemkus is the interviewee.

T: "You're telling people that you went to a cult mixer in 2007 and there were 3 high-ranking Democrats there who are to my knowledge extremely connected to Hillary Clinton and Keith Raneire, I do not know everything about the subject, but I hear he was run out of Arkansas--I hear he's *from* New York. So the question there, is for how long has Keith Raneire been doing nice things for Hillary Clinton? And what are those nice things?"

BS: “ Well I remember that dude from the, uh, there used to be those stupid, what was it like, uh, not factory direct but there was these dumb commercials back in the 80s—that I remember, like the USA channel real late at night that I remember, uh, but you could see him on these commercials, this geeky kid with glasses, this old man that was there,and it was like this really weird thing. I don’t know if you’ve seen those commercials but—“

T: “No.”

BS: “I was would always be like who the hell is this guy, like who’s this geeky nerdy dude?”

T: “Wait.”

BS: “I don’t know it just seemed weird to me and then to see that this guy is like a leader of a sex cult it just seems even, just preposterous to think about because the guy, you know, I don’t know, I like, it just — it’s just—the whole weird. It’s just weird.”

T: “I also think it’s very weird. But we need to find out why really creepy things connect to Hillary Clinton all the time.”

BS: “Yeh.”

T: “I’d like to — I’d like to know why. And when we go everywhere, saying you guys are probably pretty interested in this, this is in court right now, is it not? Right? They’re looking into this. They want to solve this-this problem, that there’s this sex cult that brands women, trafficks kids, and then—I feel like they just want to keep the politicians out of it.”

BS: “Sure. Well, that’s the other thing is they don’t want any outsiders as well because I think they might just have all the actors that they need.”

T: “That’s what I think.”

BS: “And then you know on top of that I mean I’ve called the New York DOJ, I’ve called Washington, I’ve tried to contact Jeff Sessions.”

T: “Mm-hmm.”

BS: “All these people, I don’t get any words back or anything like that you know, I don’t even know if they put eyes on the situation.”

T: “Other people really react to that. Some love it some hate it. And I am regularly dealing with people who just, like, you know, hate me. I understand, I’m telling the truth, it’s very upsetting, you know, I get it. But sometimes it’s like whoa, what did I do, calm down.”

T: “I feel like the #NXIVM mixer is so important. Like, if this were a novel, cause to me this isn’t journalism, this is like art. So if this were a novel, like the book would start at the #NXIVM mixer, it would end at the #NXIVM mixer, you know like everything is about the #NXIVM mixer. Because I think it means something. Because they’re trying to prosecute, I guess, ‘cause I don’t believe the news. They’re trying to like, have Allison Mack go to jail, and Keith Raniere go to jail, and then leave Hillary Clinton nice, wide and free, and—all her friends, so they can keep going to Comet Pizza, or go to the art gallery, where they give them $100,000 for a little-little pizza, with Marina Abramovic, you know? I just feel like what’s screaming here is that the government is eating children. And I’m not even sure, I don’t know if they’re vampires. Okay? I have not ruled that out. Okay? Because I was a celebrity photographer, I was in the atmosphere. Okay? Those are not normal people there.”

BS: “Right.”

T: “I’m telling you, you know, you have—I’m not gonna speak about your experiences, but whenever I went to a Getty Images celebrity event, I knew everybody would be a psychopath. You know, tiny little exceptions. And, um, very quickly I was like, I have to get drunk if I’m going to get through this. Because these people are insane and they are evil and I’ve already told you that. It’s like, this is a media party. This is supposed to be amazing. Supposed to be fun, somewhere in the Hamptons. And it was the worst — this is just the worst people. (laughs) So I got to the point where I was just like I love this job it’s exciting it’s thrilling it’s challenging, my stuff is in magazines but I hate these people. (laughs)”

BS: “Yeah. You’re obviously propping up these people, your propping them up in a lot of ways. Yeah, it’s interesting—“

T: “I didn’t feel good about that.” (Short pause) “You just strike me as somebody who really wants to tell the truth. So I completely take it at face value. I have listened to your story about the #NXIVM mixer—I’ve corroborated it. It checks out as far as I’m concerned. So I really do want to show people that what you’re saying is the truth. The way you are interacting with my project is saying something very big about you. Everybody is having this like totally different reaction. So I’m suggesting that what you are saying is true. That since you’re like standing your ground and being you a lot of people are going to react to that by exposing themselves. You’re saying a week before your birthday, and your birthday is February 16.”

BS: “Yeah.”

T: “Okay so let me just say that there was a, your two friends, your girlfriend and your friend, brought you to a mixer in February 2007 in the greater Yale area. You showed up—“

BS: “Well that’s the thing because it was in Hampton, & Hamptons is next to New Haven, you know, so it is right next door, so I would say it would probably be like the greater New Haven area because Yale is a small area. If Yale wasn’t there in New Haven would be a complete ghetto because when you go on the outskirts of Yale it’s a bad city it’s a bad ass it’s no joke. When you’re around Yale it’s like you’re under this cloud of protection all the time. I think that’s the only reason New Haven house the police force is because Yale is there.”

T: “Okay, fair enough. So you found yourself one evening in February 2007 in a two bedroom apartment, kind of a nice apartment, now what was the — OK so just so I can say for anyone listening— This party seem to be a recruitment party for rich Yale girls. You didn’t seem to be terribly welcome there because you weren’t a rich Yale girl, and while you were smoking on the deck, Stormy Daniels showed up with her big Black bodyguard. Really nervous. Later Eric Schneiderman, the disgraced New York Attorney General showed, Eric Schneiderman, and then Anthony Weiner and Huna Abedin showed up. And they all, from the sense I get from your stories, it feels like they were staff or something, working with them to recruit Yale girls.”

BS: “Yeah. Yeah. They were definitely, you had mentioned the word ‘harvest’ before, it was like they were just trying to harvest rich kids.”

T: “Why would New York politicians (be in) in the greater New Haven area, part of an organization trying to harvest girls from Yale? I mean we could go over a lot, you know, and talk about what Eric Schneiderman was wearing, what time he came, what time he left. You have an amazing memory for details. I really do want to hear about this mixer.”

BS: “I think I have Asperger’s.”

T: “You probably have something. Because your details— they think you’re crazy because it never happened and then they think you’re crazy cause it’s too many details. (laughs) Okay?”

BS: “I get it. I get it.”

T: “So either way. But your details are amazing. I like the details.”

BS: “When it comes to the crux of it and the way that I had written out that whole thing it does read like fan fiction.”

T: “It does.”

BS: “But the way that I wrote that thing, I was trying to cover all the avenues, my thought processes and how it all came up. And I basically wrote it in a manner that if someone were to read it, it would eliminate them trying to re-ask questions that have already been gone over with the write up. There is a couple of guests that I’ve been leaving out of the whole thing—“

T: “Your friends?”

BS: “No.”

T: “Okay so there was other people there--”

BS: “Yeah. Like I said, I got this whole experience I’m trying to tell people and nobody’s approaching me, and I got a golden nugget of what everyone really really wants to hear.”

T: “So you’re holding back on us.”

BS: “A little bit.”

T: “Okay (laughs). That’s very interesting. Okay. Whatever you, however you want to do it. Alright.”

BS: “That’s the thing cause this is like the bonus--I haven’t really written any of this stuff down but I sorta have a reason for that, because if no one’s approaching me on this stuff that I already have, well adding stuff to it, they’re just going to say you’re just trying to get attention or something like that. Um, I sorta have a reason for that. The other people that were at that party was, I looked at pictures of these people, I started looking at pictures of all these NXIVM (crew?) and stuff like that and people who were affiliates and like I said, the Bronfman girls were there, Claire and Sarah. I thought, when I first saw them, they were dirty Yale hippies. I thought they were just some rich chicks who, you know, (were) overly feminized and didn't give a crap about any dudes in the room or anything like that.”

T: “Okay.”

BS: “Nancy Salzman was there. She was mixing drinks she was like a den mother. Talked with her for a split second cuz I thought she was like, in the back of my head I'm like, who's the - who invited this librarian here? This mean librarian.”

T: “Mm-hmm.”

BS: “And then the other person I spoke with was James Alefantis.”

T: “Nooooo.”

BS: “Yeah.”

T: “No. Really.”

BS: “And that was the one where, when I started looking at pictures of that guy, I'm like yeah, that guy was there. And as a matter of fact we talked about guess what, pizza.”

T: “Can you share the nature of your discussion with James Alefantis about pizza?”

BS: “So when he introduced himself to me he said, ‘I'm James, I own a pizza place down in DC.’ Me being I've worked in kitchens I've done culinary stuff for about 20 plus, almost 20 years, I'd say pretty close to 20 years, and so I've had experience working in pizzerias, things like that. The discussion I think I was talking about East Coast pizza versus West Coast pizza and how West Coast pizza sucks because I think it's all about mineralization. I think it's about the pH of the water because on the East Coast we have a lot of like, hard rocks and things like that, so like the rain water that you use is mineralized. But on the West Coast you don't have a lot of those craggy rocks and things like that, and so there's a kind of a different mineralization of the water, it affects the pH I think. Like when you’re rising dough and using yeast and stuff like that, I think you get a different texture to the crust. His recommendation--”

T: (laughs)

BS: “--was that when you bake the dough, when you mix it all up, was that you add soda water instead of regular water and it makes the crust crispy.”

T: (laughs) “You cannot make this up. You cannot make this up. Now that’s a scoop.”

BS: “Both the Bronfman girls are wearing these really oversized, like Triple X, Hanes white T-shirts.”

T: Okay.

BS: “Really big T-shirts. Um, Nancy Salzman was wearing a T-shirt, she had her sleeves rolled up and then it was tied off at one side -- she had a bunch of bartender girls with her, it looked like she had gone around the local New Haven area and (scrapped?) a bunch of bartenders from the area, it was like -- something like that, maybe hired them on, something like that. But it was like pretty girls, you could tell they had that kind of bravado of being a bartender, and then Alefantis was wearing a tight white T-shirt, and he had one of those little bead necklaces on. And there’s something about white T-shirts, I don’t know.”

T: “So there’s lots of oversized white T-shirts at this party.”

BS: “(Alefantis) was not oversized, he had a tight white T-shirt on, (but) the Bronfman girls they looked like they were wearing Triple X white T-shirts.”

T: “Okay, so the Bronfman sisters, Nancy Salzman and James Alefantis are all wearing white T-shirts.”

BS: “Yeah.”

T: “Who else? Anybody else wearing white T-shirts?”

BS: “No. And I wonder about that because if you look at some of these ritualistic pictures that they have, like, white is within their ritualism, it’s like an initiation thing. And then the other side of that, it’s like - Nancy Salzman seemed like she was a den mother. I almost wonder if she was like maybe some kind of au pair for Alefantis and the Bronfman girls. I wonder how far back their whole relationship is, because I’ve heard that Alefantis is probably a Rothschild. So you wonder if all these people have been hanging out all their lives, you know, this is like some kind of just weird stupid thing that they do just to play with people or whatever, I don’t know.”

T: “Uh, you mean, recruit girls from Yale?”

BS: “Yeah.”

T: “Yeah. Let’s just do a sex cult. Let’s get some really rich girls from Yale.”

BS: “Yeah. I mean - Yale is full. You have some people who are there off of a scholarship. I get it. But a lot of girls there, they have these CEO dads, or judges as grandfathers, they’re people of influence.”

T: “Of course.”

BS: “They have influence over communities and they don’t realize it cause they’re just kids of these people who have influence. But they still have that influence. And I think that that was part of their target, was that you find these girls and stuff like that, who have these CEO dads or have people who - you can milk money off of someone somehow, or tap into their emails and try to figure out some kind of information or whatever.”

T: “Yeah, I mean they were always looking for money. No question about that.”

BS: “But I remember talking to that dude, he had the gap tooth, and that pictures of him, and it’s like yes, that dude was there.”

T: “James Alefantis. He’s like a hipster, is he?”

BS: “He was Mr. Cool Gay Guy, yeah.”

T: (laughs) “That’s my definition. I learned yesterday that NXIVM gave Hillary Clinton $30,000 in 2008 for her -- “

BS: “That’s what they reported. I bet it was probably more.”

T: “You know, again, I don’t know what to believe, but there’s a lot of talk of NXIVM delivering money in 2007, 2008 to Hillary Clinton. So that crowd was very very, very much I think under Hillary Clinton, or the character (laughs). I don’t know. I don’t know what’s real. But um - alright, so Hillary Clinton was like a silent presence in the room, in a way, cause those were her cohorts.”

BS: “Pretty much. I guess. I don’t know what Salzman’s connection with Hillary is. And with the Bronfmans, I don’t know what their connection with anyone is, really.”

T: “But you know Huma, Huma’s like - I read -- “

BS: “She was definitely there. She definitely connected.”

T: “I’m very curious about her. I know you only met her, but Huma supposedly at their wedding in 2010, Hillary said, this is the daughter this is my second daughter here, Huma.”

The video ends here. A second video in which Ben Szemkus simply talks to the camera about his attendance at the NXIVM event is posted here.
Transcribed by Dr. Dannielle (Dossy) Blumenthal. All opinions are the author's own. This post is hereby released into the public domain. Creative Commons photo via Pixabay.

Saturday, June 23, 2018

If you don’t have patience to read all this: See interview #1 here, posted May 29, 2018 and interview #2 here, posted June 9, 2018.

May 15, 2018

This is the date that Szemkus recalls attending “a strange party” (the NXIVM mixer) in 2007.

May 21, 2018: Blog Post & Comment

“I recently spoke to a man named Ben Szemkus who attended a mixer in Hamden, CT 2/07. He said that his friend took classes at Yale and she invited him to attend a gathering in the apartment of a young woman.” —  “The Tanster

Below the blog, an individual identifying himself as Szemkus posted several comments, which appear below. They are unedited except for paragraph breaks added for readability. 
“As I am watching the recent news there is the arrests of Allison Mack and Keith Raniere Leaders of the NXIVM Group.
“A sense of intrigue prodded Me to look deeper into what is going on and how the alleged Sex Clut might have gotten to where it is now. Something which gave Me weird senses of Deja Vu looking at photographs of Raniere and Mack, saying to myself, ‘I have seen these people before.”
“It wasn’t any Exposé or Investigation Video that gave Me such a familiar dispostion with them it was something else.
“I have been to Clubs in Vancouver, British Columbia and have seen the NXIVM Business Cards, black glossy cards with white letters ‘NXIVM’ thrown around club floors, tucked into bathroom stalls and molding around the walls of the Clubs in the Gaslight District. Weird but nothing, too crazy I was told it was a cult to stay away from.
“One incident was when my ‘at the time’ Girlfriend and I were in B.C. visiting her friend O — -. After a second of haging at O — -’s apartment We hit the bars around the area. O — - was excited for my Girlfriend and I to meet her best friend who was en route to meet up with us as We sat at a small table near the bars front door.
“Coming into the bar was a pretty blonde flanked by two other blondes all dressed in club attire 5 inch heels and all. O — -’s friend gave a forced monologue about how she had found her calling and was with a group that understood her and that she must cut all ties with O — - for her to progress onward with her new life.
“She abruptly turns and leaves lockstep with the two side blondes. O — - stunned jumps up yelling , ‘What the Fuck!’ Runs out after her friend.
“After a moment O — - came back still stunned and a bit pale. My Girlfriend asked ‘WTF?’ O — - shrugged speechless. She eventually explained how in shock she was, that was her best buddy who, out of nowhere cut ties and was done with their friendship. O — - was visibly devastated.
“This was all very strange but never did I think much of it, it was just a weird out of nowhere experience..
“Fast track to last week. In an Effort to Understand NXIVM I focused on the arrested Co-Leader of the Group, Allison Mack. The mainstay of her career as far as I knew was the TV Show ‘Smallville’ a teen steam show which was aired on the WB Network some years back.
“A former coworker whom I had a mega-crush once mentioned She thought ‘Smallville’ was ‘just so …. ‘ I can’t remember the word She used but it obviously had an inspiriting influence on her, she had such a tranquil look in her eyes giving her brief description of the show.
“These factors considered I torrented every season of the show to check out as more of an investigation than for entertainment (to be honest I had wished Mega-Crush was around to watch it with Me as I felt super lame sitting by Myself watching the show, but it is what it is, and I wanted to do some research).
“Halfway into the 2nd Episode the Deja Vu kicks in. "I’ve seen this before!?" I think to myself, "How the Fuck have I seen this before I would never have just watched this corndog teen steam.
“Then it hits me. Back in College (SCSU) I went to a weird party, that before the guests started showing up the Host put on ‘Smallville’ as a primer to the guests that were about to arrive. As I started remembering flashes of the night like a spell was lifted an ‘OH SHIT’ Moment occured.>>>>That was a Fucking NXIVM Mixer!!!!
“I call it a mixer because at the party I asked, ‘when is this Party going to start?’ The Host said, ‘Oh this isn’t a NXIVM Party, their parties are these epic events with DJs and Festivities.’
“She even mentioned the NXIVM crew had parties on Richard Bransons Island in the located among the British Virgin Islands.
“One Funny thing is that the girls at the Party were a bit miffed that Kristin Kreuk wasn’t going to show up but Allison Mack (who I thought was the prettier of the two) would be showing up.
“The Host did mention a ‘Special Guest’ and said it was an Adult Film Star. I replied like a dick, ‘You mean a pornstar?’ They said, ‘Don’t call her that while She is here!!’
“Let me back up. As the memory chunks fell back into place my recollection of the night, experiences, who was there, who I was with and how I got there all slowly came back to Me over the course of a day of intense recall.
“In February 2007 I was attending SCSU living in the North Dormitories dating a pretty young lady named *** (considering the information I am about to give I am holding any names back for their safety).
“Now *** had a friend named A — -, a pretty african american woman who was approached by a few blondes dressed fashionably as A — - was studying in the Yale Library. They said they liked A — -’s style and wanted to know if She would like to go to a Womens Empowerment Group Meeting/Mixer.
“A — - said she would, they told her to invite a friend if She could. A — - naturally invited ***, as in New Haven, Connecticut being the crazy place it can be, You don’t go to a strange Party alone. New Haven is No Fucking Joke (should be the City Motto)…
“Now the Party/Mixer was supposed to be an all girls event but *** being the badass that she is asked Me to come along because She wanted to hang out with Me and it was around My Birthday Week (My Birthdays were not a one day event back in those days). I thought okay, Yale kids, I can sell some weed, let’s go.
“Fast forward to showing up to the Party/Mixer, located off of Skiff Street in Hamden,Connecticut right behind the Hamden Plaza (not sure if it is even called that anymore) but it was right up the hill from the Popeyes Chicken (def not a product placement mention). ‘Smallville’ is playing then the door opens in comes Allison Mack.
“She is in a green wool overcoat with black leather boots. I am a ‘calf’ man and for whatever reason I noticed she had what my good buddy Matt and I refered to as ‘Fatty Richgirl Ankles’ and seemed a bit more gruff and ‘plain Jane’ in person than I imagined, specifically chubby mechanic hands.
“She surveys the room takes off her overcoat and was in a dark colored corset and a mini skirt giving her the appearance of a sadistic warden from an 80's Womens Prison Movie.
“Mack was accompanied by a quiet man with a Tony Danza ‘Who’s the Boss’ haircut and glasses. He introduced himself as Keith.
“The crowd of females, about a dozen maybe a bakers dozen, were in attendance and as far as I could tell were all Yale Students but would not be surprised if some NHU students were also there.
“At first it was Me and a boyfriend of one of the Yale girls, were the only dudes at the party. *** caught a little shit for bringing me but *** covered maybe saying I was their ride so it was okay, plus *** really didn’t care what a bunch of Yale Girls wanted anyhow.
“Throughout the night thus far I was making trips to the outside deck of the apartment to smoke cigarettes. I went out for another.
“Smoking a cigarette I noticed through the sliding door blind more guests were arriving, I was loosely watching the guests come in and smoking bowls of weed in between pulls from a cigarette *** and I were splitting.
“The sliding door blinds shutter a bit and out comes a big black dude with a dainty blonde wearing a tight seude overcoat and boots.
“She introduced herself, ‘My name is Stormy Daniels.’ I introduced myself to the two and proceded smoking a cigarette.
“Stormy mentioned all the girls in the room and that she was real nervous, something I thought weird her being an adult film star and all but then again I believe there is a great deal of insecurities involved in being in such a trade so I figured I would offer her a bowl of weed.
“She said no thank you that it would make her eyes red and make her ‘all goofy.’ Her bodyguard said he would like to smoke but he was working so he couldn’t. I told them a bunch of sick dead baby joke because cracking jokes was My thing.
“I bummed Stormy another Smoke and Mack poked her head out of the sliding glass door to say, ‘We’re starting.’ She was talking to Stormy.
“Stormy goes in maybe saying ‘wish me luck.’ Mack looked at the bodyguard and I, says ‘This part is Girls only.’ and shuts the sliding glass door walks inside yelling, ‘Okay Bitches…’ words to the effect that the meeting part of the program was startng.
“A few moments later the one other dude, the boyfriend of one of the attendees I mentioned before, comes out onto the deck and I believe I continued to tell some ‘dead baby’ jokes to the bodyguard and the boyfriend because why not.
“Looking inside at the group in the living room, the Yale girls and A — - were all kneeling on the floor in front of Mack, she led a discussion on something. *** was sitting in a chair off to the side of the attentive Yale students with a look on her face that read, ‘Fuck This.’
“They broke off after a few minutes of listening to Mack and Keith speak, some in the front room, the other went to the back bedrooms where there were some other computer consoles.
“I think this is the part were they watched a quick video one at a time as a skinny baldish white dude took notes on a clipboard. The meeting ended after a short bit and Me, the Bodyguard and Boyfriend Man came back in. The Mixer was on.
“Lights went low and some party music came on. I walked around talking to Keith and Baldish Guy, I had no intention of speaking to any of the Yale Girls unless they wanted to buy some weed (I never sold any weed that night).
“A salt and pepper haired man with dark circles around his eyes (almost like a Pakistani or Eastern Indian mans eyes can be sometimes, I hope that doesn’t sound racist but that’s what I thought).
“He scans the room of girls prancing about, sees me, makes a B-Line over and introduces himself. His name was Eric Schneiderman, he spoke with a NYC accent and mentioned the activity in the room.
“Half sarcastic I said, ‘Yeah it’s great’ he mentioned the movement that they were building and asked if I had spoke with Keith, who just before I was talking ‘teleology’ with.
“He wore a sweater and some jeans. Keith mentioned a plan of child caregivers that spoke seven or so different languages to train the children they were looking after.
“Keith was real interested in himself I could tell by his lofty mannerisms, he seemed needy for positive response. I thought’ugh’ and broke off to talk with Schneiderman who was then just walking over.
“Schneiderman was dressed business casual with a 3 button silky short sleeved golf shirt and slacks with leather dress shoes maybe loafers (nice leather I could tell they were probably $300 dollar shoes maybe more).
“I asked Schneiderman if he wanted to go smoke some weed and he declined saying, ‘I don’t think My constituents would be happy with that’ but thanked Me for the offer.
“I said, ‘Oh You’re a Politician?’ ‘I’m a NY State Senator.’ He Replied. I said, ‘Wow a Senator?!’ He said, ‘No a State Senator, that’s something different.’
“Me, not being into politics had no clue nor care, I was an economics major and Political Science seemed dumb to Me, so I went to go have a cigarette.
“Coming back in there were a few more arrivals. A petite arabian woman with a far away stare came in with a few pretty women and then a fast sweaty man entered wearing a white dress shirt no tie.
“The Arabian was a bit ticked off Sweaty Man was running late but he snapped something back about 95 traffic then started working the room introducing himself.
“The Arab Woman had a look of Mystique and locked eyes with Me from across the room almost trance-like. I spoke to White Dress Shirt Sweaty Man he introduced himself as Anthony Weiner.
“He points at Arab woman saying, ‘That’s My Wife Huma.’ *** at this point was coming in from having a smoke and talking to A — , I could tell she wanted to go.
“I said to Anthony, ‘Hey I think we’re gonna take off.’ He stirred and turned to Huma said, ‘Hey Huma, have We got the info on everyone here?’
“She goes around the starting with Me, takes down my info (she asked for my student ID clipped it on the board and copied the info NAME/SCHOOL ATTENDED), and then moves on to *** and A — - getting their info before we left. *** gave Me the car keys which meant I was driving back to SCSU North Campus.
“One the way back to the dorms A — - seemed sad and felt let down saying she thought it would be a cool Womens Movement but it was just a bunch of Sorority Wanna-Be’s. I think I even said it seemed like a Cult. Fortunately *** did not join (I’m pretty sure A — - did not but who knows).
“Getting back to the dorm making Jokes about "Special Guest Stormy Daniels" because Who the Fuck is Stormy Daniels (this was 11 years ago mind You).
“I asked what they were watching and they described to me what was later to be known as the infamous ‘Snuff Video’ *** said it all looked fake but she was used to gore stuff like, because once again, she’s a little badass.
“A — - was a bit put off by the man dressed as a Nazi killing a Black Guy but other than that We didn’t think much else of it except it was a room full of weirdos and it was a goofy Yale Girl Party. Little did I know We were basically in the Belly of the Beast.
“This is most of My recollection of that night.. I know it sounds like I am jumping the Shark but it is what it is.
“I am willing to take a lie detector test and I am more than willing to answer any questions anyone might have.
“Benjamin Szemkus

May 29, 2018: Video #1 (Interview)

“The Tanster” conducts an informative 15 minute video interview with Szemkus: click here.

May 30, 2018: Reddit AMA Session

Posted by “Thetanster.” Unedited. “Delenecion” is Szemkus. Original discussion topic: “Witness Reveals He Saw James Alefantis At A NXIVM Mixer in 2007.
Atrudedota: “This sounds too good to be true, probably because it is:- Huma, Weiner, Mack, Rainiere, Daniels AND Alefantis all in one spot? Doubt it. - Remembering shirt colors after 10 years? Doubt it. - Is this guy an actor? Is he acting during that interview? - What is his motivation, why come out with the information now? - Why bring through a vitrually unknown channel? Why not take it to a more resonable outlet? This stinks to me. It stinks of Tom Delonge/Podesta/Alefantis disinfo.” 
Babble610: “honestly not agreeing or disagreeing with this dudes claims but can comment on the remembering shirt colors 10+ years ago. My sister is insane about this. can always remember the specifics of what people were wearing long long after the event. even confirmed a few with some obscure picture discoveries. Always made fun of her for it. But its possible.” 
Delenecion: "I have a fantastic memory, it has always been a strongpoint for Me. I remember things from when I was 2 years old. I make little shorts and music videos in My spare time so I recall little details like clothing and styles because it is a great way to remember, for Me. Also I feel the clothing, the manner in which people visually represent themselves is a great indicator of someones character. I used to be very fashion minded so this is why my descriptions of these People are the way they are.” 
namelesssoulless: “My question Delenecion is at what point did you start to put this infromation together, and why didnt you come out earlier. This sure sounds like an odd group of people. If you had seen Abedine w alefantis during pizzgates high point this would have allowed us to make an important connection at the time.Not to mention allowed us to get a head start on stormy daniels connection. Perhaps even gotten the link between reniere and this group brought out sooner” 
Delenecion: “I have answered this, I will try and reiterate, that stupid show ‘Smallville’ sparked My memory. Have You ever remembered something You had nearly forgotten about? Say an old friend brings up a random birthday or a song reminds You of something You hadn’t thought about in a while, My NXIVM experience was like that. This recollection occurred on May 15th 2018. Seeing pictures of Alefantis and Stormy I had an inkling of a thought that I know these people from somewhere but it was My investigation into ‘Smallville’ that sent this memory into urgent recall. Sorry I missed Your deadline.” 
namelesssoulless: “K fair enough man. It’s all good. Good luck getting your story out there. Maybe try contacting your friend to learn more about this group, or what this meeting may have been for” 
Delenecion: “I have no problem if anyone wants to AMA or accompany Me for a lie detector test. I am not a Ward of the State and I have nothing to gain from trying to tell You what happened that night. Honestly during the interview I thought We were just doing a dry run, didn’t realize Tanster was recording until she mentioned so at the end of the interview, I would have at least made my bed…” 
majorvis: “lol!” 
Delenecion: “I realize You see this and think it is a big joke, I am potentially putting My life in danger by People in High Places that may want Me silenced. If You get a kick out of My situation it says a whole lot about You as a person. I’m a Human Being dude, have a little respect or don’t. ‘Show Parent’ cute name, I assume by that dumb name You have kids. Picture for a moment if Your child were in this situation. Would You just respond ‘LOL’ or would You maybe have some compassion. I’m going to assume You would pick the more inane option but honestly who am I to just.” 
majorvis: “I was referring to your line about making your bed if you knew Tanster was recording. I thought that was pretty funny.” 
Delenecion: “My apologies I have been getting major flack from People and after a bit maybe I get a little too touchy. Some people are downright mean while others are rather inane. I am glad You enjoyed any part of this I don’t mean to be such an asshole. Once again, My apologies.” 
majorvis: “No problem at all. There are definitely a lot of, um, aggressive people on here, as well as the rest of the internet. I’m finding your story coherent and logical even if a bit extraordinary.” 
Delenecion: “Definitely extraordinary, but it wouldn’t be My life if there was not some amount of Fantastic. My good friends would Joke I could write a biography but bookstore would choose to file it under fiction. I swear I am a neat person, not messy but I work overnights and I had just woke up and washed my face when The Tanster called.” 
TheRiseofMindhawk: “i agree, this is not convincing. a picture would be interesting to look at but random college party x years ago from random guy? bs alarm going off. now i want to know all the details of the guy who made the video, the people running pizzagate are superdeceptive so those of us onto them need to have super integrity.” 
Delenecion: “I am not a part of any deception, I am not dischordian, I don’t belong to any secret societies and I am on no ones payroll. Also I don’t see how My statement of events would benefit potential Pizzagate debunkers or Pedorings in general, in fact I am making connection as to how Politicians fit into all of this… NXIVM is their ‘Party Machine’ and if anything I would like to see all these assholes in handcuffs.”

“My apology that it is not convincing or that I wasn’t snapping pictures of randoms I met at a party. All I can really offer is an AMA and a guarantee I can pass any Lie Detector Test administered to Me about this topic, I stand by My statement , not sure what else I can really do to corroborate it.” 
TheRiseofMindhawk: I appreciate this and this response lends a lot more credibility to what you are saying. I’m always interested in next steps, next questions to infer from a given point. In this case, if I take your account as true, or want to confirm it to a higher degree of certainty, what kindof questions could I ask? -do you remember the name of anyone else at the party? -can you contact anyone else who might have been at the party? -could you provide the address of this event? i’m curious about ranier, any further details about what he was like would interest me. btw, have you seen the series The Girlfriend Experience? Season 2 now seems to be written based on this stuff and pgate in general, very odd to me but really good art i think. Top of the lake season 1 and of course True Detective season 1 also come to mind.” 
Delenecion: “I wonder how much fiction is actually real and creators of it are avoiding blackballing by saying it is fiction. Think ‘House of 1000 Corpses’ ‘the hills have eyes’ Rosemarys Baby,Texas Chainsaw Massacre and American Psycho” 
TheRiseofMindhawk: “yeah that’s what im saying, even with something like the wire, in some societies it would be illegal to write about the dysfunction of the system, but here it’s like if you really study it’s all out there in the open, just maybe in fictional form or at the bottom of a pile of disinformation.” 
thecomplaintregister: “I always wonder this. I honestly believe that they hide things in plain sight to desensitize us for when they surface in reality.” 
Delenecion: “I talked to My ex-girlfriend and She does not remember the Party, understandable We used to hit it pretty hard and I am asking her about a random party from 11 years ago. She is coming to Seattle to visit Me in 6 days maybe a bit of reminiscing can jog her memory, also I will try to get her friends number and try to cold call her. Essentially I am working on it.”

“The address is tough I know it is off of Skiff St right behind the Hamden Plaza but don’t remember an exact number. I don’t know or remember anyone else from the party, just random yale girls. It doesn’t matter if You are convinced, it’s happened, take it or leave it. I can make a video of myself talking about that night but what does that Prove it’s just going to be My account, but on video…” 
TheRiseofMindhawk: “try again, this is incoherent what angle are you coming from? do you have anything to do with ‘thetanster’? im confused why we have to this site btw thetan is a big woo woo scientology word, is that anything related the people run the site?” 
majorvis: “The Tanster has nothing to do with Scientology.” 
Delenecion: “I am not a Scientologist I would never affiliate with a cult. I don’t think The Tanster is a play off of Thetan but I am not the one to ask. I am having trouble deciphering what You are trying to say, You may have left some words out of Your questions maybe.” 
majorvis: “That’s how I was approaching him but he seems pretty credible to me. It also seems logical that NXIVM would want to recruit wealthy, educated girls with connections to the elite. The whole region is a liberal stronghold so it makes sense Democrats would be involved. Making political connections for protection is also a normal play for criminal enterprises. I would think Stormy is the wild card but she had already banged Trump at that point so she was moving in political circles. Plus Trump was half a Democrat back in the day. He supported Bill and Hillary at one point.” 
Th3_Admiral: “Why do you always type like this in every comment?” 
majorvis: “You are the most artsy troll ever. Upvote!” 
Encrypt0rj0nes: “This video has the stench of an operation mockingbird cia or even nsa astroturfing campaign written all over it, someone must of recently brought pizzagate out from under the ashes and toes are getting stepped on because someones trying to pull out all the stops now and burn it back down.” 
Delenecion: “never been accused of being CIA. First time for everything I guess. and I am not CIA or a paid actor or an agent of dischord.. I am a private citizen, not a made up entity. You can find details about My life on the internet, for instance I got jumped by a bunch of kids when I was 15, here is a link to that (at least You know I was a little kid at one point) http://articles.courant.com/1995-01-18/news/9501180486_1_charged-hockey-team-police” 
Encrypt0rj0nes: “I’m assuming you’re the author of the video? some of what you say seems a bit off like why blow the whistle now when the appropiate time to of come out was when pizzagate was heavily getting covered, not throwing pot shots or anything but it’s actually concerning that this is happening out of the blue and thats usually associated with operation mockingbird drivel but hopefully im wrong and you’re a legit whistleblower providing invaluable info regarding alafantis and his cronies. You’re the Benjamin individual that gave the testimonial claims in the video correct?” 
Delenecion: “Yes. The memory of the party was ultimately triggered by watching the first two episodes of ‘Smallville’ which occurred around the 15th /16th of May (2018). It was an ‘Oh Shit’ moment that hit Me, the memory of the party took about a day to recall most of the details.”

“The Bronfmans, Salzman and James Alefantis came back to Me after I had written My statement on Github but all the better because; 1. I could use that as a ‘bonus round’ of info for anyone who cared to approach Me with interest about this Party (the Truther/Citizen Journalist Community stayed completely away except for TheTanster), 2. Honestly with that line up of names how the Hell would anyone believe Me…”

“I am surprised No One has asked Me if Bill and Hillary Clinton were there too (they weren’t).. but seriously I realize how fantastic this all is and that it sounds like I am a fan fiction writer ‘jumping the shark,’ but what can I really do. I know I am telling You all the truth, I know I’d be skeptical if someone came to Me with this same statement, therein exists My dilemma.. This is why I am adamant on taking a lie detector test as I know that I will pass it. I will even pay for half of the test I just need a couple of witnesses that will verify the legitimacy of the test and results.”

“How stupid would it be for Me to want to take a Lie Detector Test if there were a chance I would fail it. A larp is a larp but that would be quite ridiculous. I have yet to make a video on the subject of the NXIVM mixer although I feel I should just to give a bit of visual presence maybe We can get some Interrogation Professionals Eyes on it maybe they can vouch for Me being honest and truthful about what happened that night.” 
pby1000: “Ok. Confirmed as true.” 
Delenecion: “It does sound too good to be true, assume it is and imagine the difficulty You would be met with trying to tell this account of events to People, what would be the purpose of Me telling people about this if it were bullshit. If anything I probably look dumb enough going around telling People that I was at this event and interacting with these People. Looking ‘dumb’ is not My concern in all of this, My statement is a tiny peek into the inner workings of NXIVM and it seems to Me like an important thing to share with People. I am fine with anyone that wants to doubt or discredit Me, I have nothing to hide.” 
DontTreadOnMe16: “Wait are you the guy from the video? If so, I’d love to ask some questions.” 
Delenecion: “Shoot.” 
DontTreadOnMe16: “Well #1, why come forward with this claim if you have nothing to corroborate the story with? Especially if true, seems like you’d be risking a lot (including your own safety) by speaking out, and not having evidence to support your claim will mean most people won’t believe you anyway. (Sorry if this has been asked elsewhere) Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate people sharing info like this if it’s true, but it can also hurt the overall mission if you’re shown to be lying about anything. Also, how’d you get invited to the event exactly? And how did you learn it was an NXIVM event?” 
Delenecion: “The thought of exposing people to My experience seems important to Me and of interest to others, I think keeping quiet because no one would likely believe Me would be the most pointless option. Let’s say for example, all alone You saw a UFO/flying saucer pass by the nights sky. Would You keep Your mouth shut about that just because no one else would corroborate or possibly believe what You saw? Of Course You would tell People what You saw even at the risk of sounding crazy because what happened was extraordinary in hindsight (How could I keep this Event to myself). 
"Yes, I am risking My safety but I am not going to let Myself be scared into silence, it is not My nature, I know I am speaking the truth, I have done all I can to remember the order of events, the details I can recall and who all was in attendance. I am certainly not lying and have no intention of misleading anybody, all I can give You is My word which in todays terms means nothing to People which is understandable. The idea of ‘lying’ is not a factor to Me I have no reason to lie, nothing to gain but I am using My real name so essentially lying would put My reputation at risk which once again is non-factor as I am absolutely confident in what I am telling You and everyone else. 
"I am not bothered if nobody believes it, My concern is outing the People surrounding this event… whether or not anyone believes Me is neither here nor there because I am saying what I saw You can take it or leave it. People who know Me, know I am an honest person, unfortunately You don’t have this same privilege (but what can I do?). My friend was invited to the party, she invited My girlfriend who invited Me. I got to stay because We convinced the Host that I was their ride. The Host at the party explained that it was a NXIVM Women’s Empowerment Movement Social/Mixer. Aside from that Keith Raniere, and Eric Schneiderman explained a bit of what was going on in this ‘movement’ I wish I had asked more questions but once again none of these People seemed significant at the time it was just a weird party.” 
Afrobean: “Not surprising to hear someone saying this, we know these people all run in similar social circles. I’ve also seen reports of a connection between Alefantis and the Cafritz family who apparently helped fund NXIVM. Apparently Cafritz funds were also instrumental in the establishment of a place owned by Alefantis called Transformer gallery. The same family funding NXIVM funded an art gallery for Alefantis. It’s all one big club.” 
BigBlackMan_: “Dude, posts on voat aren’t “reports” — it’s some guy who has had a bit of a Google of the names together and then made up a wee story to go with it.” 
pjames6: “The article clearly shows that the same foundation money went to NXIVM and Alefantis’ gallery…” 
BigBlackMan_: “It’s hardly clear. Transformer’s 2014/2015 Exhibition Series and programs are supported by: The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, The CrossCurrents Foundation, The DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities/ NEA, The Morris & Gwendolyn Cafritz Foundation, The National Endowment for the Arts’ Access to Artistic Excellence Award, and The Visionary Friends of Transformer — individual donors, members of our Annual Auction Host Committee, and Corporate Sponsors So the 2014/15 exhibition series was supported by 6 organisations including the Cafritz foundation. How much support did they provide? Was it just financial? Was it just that year? The Raniere connection is Out of her six figure annual stipend from her father’s trust, Miss Cafritz paid for all of Mr. Raniere’s personal living expenses for many years. In their domicile, she regarded herself not only Mr. Raniere’s slave, but also a slave to her sister wife and live-in harem member, Mariana Fernandez who was 20 years her junior. Miss Fernandez is rumored to be pregnant with Mr. Raniere’s child. So a wealthy (now deceased) daughter of the Cafritz family used her own money to support Raniere, it wasn’t an official payment by the charity. This isn’t much of a connection, this is 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon. Also this image used by your voat reporter https://imgtc.com/i/fZPTcl2.jpg Isn’t damning in anyway. Why is it even included? It’s just a painting and some red circles.” 
Delenecion: “Dude somethings up with You. It’s one thing to try to point out if someone is incorrect or wrong about something but You are toying with semantic details and in a rather crude manner, the article says they were a supporter does the amount of support really make a difference. Why not split hairs with everything? Harvey Weinstein is accused of raping women, Your argument in this case would be ‘Yeah he was raping Women, but how hard was he really raping them?’ You sound like a fake ass shill out to discredit something You have already admitted is true. Check Your comment again genius.” 
BigBlackMan_: “It’s says a bunch of organisations donated money. Why is this one in particular sinister? Harvey Weinstein has specific allegations of rape.” 
Delenecion: “In my opinion all the donators are suspect, perhaps instead of negating peoples comments, look into some of these groups, You may find some interesting things. Don’t take any one article as word either, do a little extra research if the truth is something You would like to uncover…. Water seeks its own level these People don’t just know each other and donate to one another by chance.” 
pjames6: “Living expenses from her father’s trust Its the same goddamm money dude, you are so close to seeing the forest through the trees. You’re literally looking for a technicality when it clearly shows that there’s a paper trail between NXIVM and DC occultists. Yes, they’re occultists, they make it abundantly clear over and over again. Not to mention that this same trust got Charles Manson a new car. Also, they weren’t a mid-level donor, they are one of the main sponsors of the gallery.” 
BigBlackMan_: “Which DC occultists are they connected to? How does a private payment by someone with the same surname + a donation in the year 2014/15 by an art charity imply they are working in concert? What has Manson got to do with this? Can you source your claims about occultists and the proportion of financial assistance the charity provided? To me this is an art charity doing art stuff and the daughter of someone related to the charity spending her money as she liked. The connection in payments is literally just the surname.” 
pjames6: “it’s just a painting and some red circles. Oh, so you’re just lying. Maybe if a guy in a panda mask has a painting in his gallery of a man in a panda mask abusing an amputated child, perhaps it’s worth looking into. Especially if he’s holding a ping pong racket in his portrait.” 
djh315: “Pretty clearly a paddle ball toy, not a ping pong racket.” 
BigBlackMan_: “I’m not lying. It’s just a painting and a guy in a mask. I bet there are lots of people who like both pandas and paintings, I think you have found one. It certainly doesn’t say anything of the occult. I don’t recall the necronomicon mentioning Panda bear masks. Especially if he’s holding a ping pong racquet? Whats the significance of ping pong racquets? I know the Chinese dominate at it. PS there is no abuse occurring in that painting of the panda mask and amputee.” 
DracoDystopia: “Clear enough. There’s a link between the two. That’s all one needs.” 
BigBlackMan_ “What’s the link?” 
Delenecion: “If You donate money to somebody, in essence You are supporting them. That is a link.” 
BigBlackMan_ “His daughter gave the cult money from her stipend because her parents were rich. Its not connected to the charity donations.” 
Delenecion: “If someone writes down events that can be substantiated it can be considered a report, or at least a statement. Why are You so quick to shoot Afrobean down, seems odd.” 
presleyrue “Do you know what ‘reports’ means?” 
BigBlackMan_ : “Yes but I feel using it to refer to an anonymous post on a message board is misleading. Speculation based on avaliable reports perhaps?” 
presleyrue So no. “To give a spoken or written account of something that one has observed, heard, done, or investigated.” 
BigBlackMan_ “Thanks doctor!” 
presleyrue: “Good one.” 
Thetanster SS: “There is a conspiracy theory that there are those in the ruling class who abuse the vulnerable for satanic rituals. This post contains a video with a witness who saw quite a few public figures at a NXIVM mixer. It looks like they were part of the cult’s recruitment efforts. http://www.thetanster.com/blog/2018/5/21/a-witness-connects-eric-schneiderman-stormy-daniels-anthony-weiner-and-huma-abedin-to-nxivm-cult” 
kalakun: “Where’s the video?” 
Thetanster: “He is the guy from the video. I emailed him you have questions.” 
Thetanster: This video? https://youtu.be/O1SOLMspxHI 
bittermanscolon “Make copies, you never know.” 
Justsaguy12345: “So elon musk referenced a member of this group in defense of his tweet (which he deleted later) and in just supposed to believe there all pedos?” 
majorvis: “Very interesting interview. This would have been a few months after Stormy Daniels allegedly had her fun with Donald Trump and there she is at a cult recruitment party with some New York Democrats. All those people have the air of sleaze about them, so it does seem possible they would associate with a sex cult. Anyone else of note there, I wonder?” 
Thetanster: “Ben said the Bronfman sisters, NXIVM cofounder Nancy Salzman and James Alefantis of pizzagate infamy were there. Thank you for your kind words. I plan to continue this story on thetanster.com I’ve been banned from this subreddit three times already — so check there if I disappear again.” 
Thetanster: “That’s their (the politicians) ‘Party Machine’ it provides upper class rich white girl slave service to hypnotize and traffick children they babysit for. These Yale girls are daughters of CEO’s, Exec’s, Grand Daughters of Judges. It is great access for a Cult out for Money, Power and Influence. Stormy is full of crap saying she has no affiliations with NXIVM, but the NYDOJ should already know this as they seized (hopefully) all of NXIVM’s files. If the NYDOJ has all the files I should be on a list of People that attended the Party that night. It will be in Huma’s handwriting.” 
Thetanster: “Ben is taking questions. He welcomes anyone to trip him up. I’ve been talking to him about this event for maybe a week or two and he has not contradicted himself. He has taken countless questions already at thetanster.com”
namelesssoulless: “Hes either unknowingly being used in a disinformation campaign mk ultra style, to distort the truth. Telling the truth, or a damn good actor the latter’s being more probable. All should be considered.” 
Delenecion: “Seattle is Probably the largest human trafficking hub in the country. 100’s of Shipping containers are moved through here each day, no telling what is in them because none of them are inspected. I’m sure there are several.”

“I suspect the Billionaire Canadian Couple found hanged in their Mansion may be some indicator of who the players are. Barry and Honey Sherman had ‘friends’ and they donated money as Philanthropists as well. That would be a good avenue to start with. Who they donated money to, who were the ‘artists’ they would fund, what circles of People did they keep. If any of this stuff were still online it would make for a Great Investigation, don’t think the RCNP are doing any digging You must assume they were on the payroll, like B.C. Police that kept the Pickton Ranch away from any real scrutiny.”
“Just because I was at a NXIVM recruitment party doesn’t really give Me extra access to information on Predators, I am using the same internet as You guys, at least as far as I know I am using the same internet. I am also not a Human Trafficking Researcher just a Guy who went to a really weird party." 
“Overall it was weird, but being one of the Party People in the Greater New Haven area (which includes Hamden), I have been to some pretty bizarre functions that why I wasn’t immediately too weirded out when politicians started to arrive. I had bartender buddies that would tell Me about Quinnipiac College Events (thrown by the College itself) that had some scandalous behavior from People in certain areas of Government, stuff You would never hear about because apparently in Connecticut People are good at keeping their Mouths Shut. i.e. Bridgeport Mayor John M. Fabrizi, Waterbury Mayor Joseph Santopietro, Waterbury Mayor Philip A. Giordano (particularly F-’d Up case), Gov. John Rowland, Bridgeport Mayor Joseph P. Ganim…. the list goes on and on.”

“There is an organized crime syndicate running Connecticut Politics which is absolutely undeniable. This implicates all sort of People who were involved in letting these criminals operate for as long as they did and covering up as much as they could.”

“But Yeah the Party was a little weird, in regards to the attendees I get a slight chill up My spine thinking about it and probably should have washed My hands after shaking hands with these People.”
mosheshalit6773: Lol. Sure. 
Thetanster: Ben is taking questions. My hypothesis is IF he can’t keep his story straight then it’s True. So far he has been able to.

June 9, 2018: Video #2

Szemkus made his own slightly longer (36 minute) video testimonial on his attendance at the NXIVM mixer.



Posted by Dr. Dannielle Blumenthal on June 23, 2018. 

Disclaimer: The information presented here is for the purpose of research and analysis by all interested parties, particularly law enforcement. It has not been verified by me and cannot be verified by me. All opinions presented are the authors’ own.

For context: A brief history of the world.

God is generous to Man.

He asks only one thing.
Man disobeys even that.

For committing sin, God punishes Man with suffering.

In an attempt to get out of that suffering, Man hurts other men.
To cope with God’s wrath, Man adopts a strategy of dominance.

All along, Man could have repented, and simply acted nice to the other creatures on the planet.
But no.

In an endless quest for personal safety from the wrath of God, Man decided to conquer and enslave all the people that he could.

Thus for most of history, the result was nonstop war, rape, conquest, stealing and killing.

Somewhere along the way, (fairly recently) the world settled on the concept of keeping existing national borders.

Also the world decided that having a system of law and order, nationally and internationally, would be good for everyone.

Still, some people stubbornly refused to get the message.

For these crafty people, there’s no end to the amount of deception they will carry out. Because there is no end to their greed and lust for power.

Bad people use mind games to get their way. Because in modern times, brute force only makes you unpopular.

A favorite mind game among bad people is “reversal.” They tell you that what’s good is bad, and what’s bad is good, until you’re so mentally confused you are prone to believe anything.

How do bad people perform this astounding kind of mind trick on otherwise thinking people?

Easy: They create a “total environment,” like jail, where all stimuli echo their messages.

In the past you could take a walk, contemplate and journal your thoughts. Today you are tethered to your information-spewing, constantly notifying device.

You are “entertained” by Hollywood.

You are subjected to a state-run environment that indoctrinates you in the dominant values of the state for many hours a day, five days a week.

You can’t get a job without memorizing what they teach you and regurgitating it well.

The machine perpetuates itself. You either play along…or get crushed.

Now let’s think logically.

Let’s try to get away from other people telling us what to think.

A national border functions like a picture frame.

This is a family photo with no frame. Anyone can enter or exit.

This is a family photo with a frame. Now we know who is in the family.

A family normally lives in a home, behind locked doors.

Doors are picture frames.

Doors are borders.

If someone breaks into the family home, God forbid, they have trespassed its borders and hopefully someone can call the police quickly.

Many people who break into private homes are poor and desperate.

Nevertheless, they still get arrested.

In just the same way, people who break into our national borders are caught, detained and sent back.

Sometimes they get far into the country, where employers hire them illegally.

Often they’re deliberately smuggled in for use as sex toys.

Some of them are actually terrorists.

Yet some prominent people attack our nation’s police officers, who protect us against continuous home invasion.

Instead of thanking the people who lay their lives on the line to protect our home, these people reverse reality and redefine good as evil.

It’s hard to see the true intent behind this type of behavior, because mainstream social institutions glorify and reinforce the concept of unlocking our doors.

The funny thing is, the celebrities who continuously brainwash our children about open borders…don’t actually live on the border.

Because celebrities live away from trouble.

And their mansions have gates — not just locks.

Celebrities have bodyguards. Their own private Department of Homeland Security.

Guess what celebrity bodyguards carry, to protect them from the poor, hungry, desperate people who would like to invade their homes in the middle of the night?

So should we abolish ICE?

Maybe the better question is, why don’t celebrities want to protect you, the weak and unarmed, just as they protect themselves?

By Dr. Dannielle Blumenthal. This post is hereby released into the public domain. Marker drawings by the author. Photos via Pixabay (Creative Commons).