Origin of the Russian Collusion Lie - Jimmy Dore

Who Is Jimmy Dore "American stand-up comedian and political commentator best known for hosting The Jimmy Dore Show. His political views can be described as progressive, populist, leftist, anti-establishment and anti-war."
Transcript "First of all, of the Russia bullshit McCarthyism smears, or whatever, propaganda that's been being pushed through the media from the Democrats, and every - through the neoliberal elite. Pushing this Russia thing. And where did it come from? (points) This is an internal document from the Hillary Clinton campaign. It was created - Hillary Clinton for President consultant team, a guy named Pete Brodnitz, this was from June 2015. And this is from an internal poll they did on the horserace. It's called "Topline Results."
"So if you look where that arrow points, that's the conclusion of their internal polling was that Secretary Clinton's top vulner…

5 Signs Of A False Narrative

1. You “must” believe, or you’re the problem.2. If you disagree, follow only the designated opposition. 3. It’s you versus me and neither of us have much power.4. Certain names must remain unspoken.5. Blame the bogeyman, preferably a religious one.___All opinions are the author’s own. Public domain.

Hillary Clinton: When It Comes To Radical Islamic Terror, You Reap What You Sow

First, see this interview with Greta Van Susteren (published 2012):
Van Susteren: "So you think if we walked away from this, didn't give them money today, it would be worse for us from a security standpoint?  Clinton: "I do. We're building a relationship which did not exist. I said in our last trip when you were with me that we had a huge trust deficit, in part because the United States had, to be fair, we had helped to create the problem we're now fighting." Van Susteren: "How?"  Clinton: "Because, when the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan, we had this brilliant idea that we were gonna come to Pakistan, and create a force of mujahideen, equip them with Stinger missiles and everything else, to go after the Soviets inside Afghanistan. And we were successful. The Soviets left Afghanistan and we said: "Great, goodbye" (makes hand gesture as if to say "we washed our hands of them"). Leaving these trained people, who were fanati…

10 Reasons To Be Outraged About The Report Of The Special Counsel

1. It Wasn't About Election Interference Covert Influence Activities Were Already A Given Russia did try to interfere in our election.

As I noted in my topline summary of the Special Counsel's own executive summaries of the nearly 450-page report, In the beginning they were generally fomenting discord (2014-2015), but then (2016) they turned actively toward pushing the election in the direction of President Trump and away from candidate Hillary Clinton.  Used covert propaganda to sow discord among the American public and undermine the election process. Their tools included included social media, advertising, and political rallies.Hacked into Democrats' servers, and the personal email of Democratic political figures, and dumped what they found through several phantom social media accounts as well as Wikileaks. Regardless of whether the United States does the same thing to other countries, what they did violated our laws. However, then-President Obama knew about this since 2…

Topline Summary of the Mueller Report


A. Russia Did Try To Interfere
Russia used covert propaganda to sow discord among the American public and undermine the election process. Their tools included included social media, advertising, and political rallies.Russia stole proprietary information from the Democrats and released it through several phantom social media accounts as well as Wikileaks. B. No Wrongdoing By Candidate Trump
There is no evidence of collusion.There is no evidence of obstruction of justice. C. Trump Campaign Activity That Is Not Collusion
Because the Russian actors concealed their identity as paid trolls, Trump supporters and the Trump campaign unknowingly used their social media posts at times to advance campaign positions. The IRA also contacted the campaign, representing themselves as Trump supporters, to seek their assistance at rallies.The Trump campaign expressed its interest in Wikileaks releasing information hacked from Democratic campaign officials that would be damaging to th…

Help The Organization Make A Rational Decision

In the era of "fake news," people are prone to make decisions according to mob consciousness. Those who succeed in such an environment pull themselves away from the emotional craze of the moment using what Chris Argyris called "double-loop learning," questioning their own assumptions even as they consider the topic at hand.Core Group Theory: The fundamental unit of the organization is not the person, but the decision.I believe there is a market out there for professionals who can serve as the rational brain of an organization. Such individuals do not need to have an advanced degree, because what we are talking about here is common sense and a strong commitment to rational critical thinking. That said, here are some areas of study that may prove beneficial if you're interested in playing this role:• Sociology, organizational development, organizational behavior, psychology, psychoanalysis, learning theory, leadership, and business. • Collaboration in theory and p…

Realizing The Value Of A Skill Set I Overlooked

In a fit of whiteboard, it became clear that my deeper skill lies in using social tech platforms to connect people. Structuring research and collaboration. Moving the group toward a rational decision.

To have studied sociology, organizational development, communication. To have built knowledge-sharing platforms on Yahoo! and Google Groups, Google Sites, Ning, Sharepoint, Salesforce, Jive and Yammer. And to not have realized this skill set existed as a distinct value-add for 15 years.

This is totally mind-boggling

By Dr. Dannielle (Dossy) Blumenthal. All opinions are Dr. Blumenthal's own. This post is hereby released into the public domain. Photo by the author.